Fans Question Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian's PDA-Filled Baby Shower Photos Following Travis Barker's Positive COVID Test

Kourtney Kardashian Barker is in hot water for her baby shower for more reasons than one, but the more concerning of the two is her direct exposure to Travis Barker following his positive coronavirus test result. The expecting mom was not only around her husband without a mask, but they also shared their typical amount of zealous PDA, including several smooches.

On Friday, September 22, the musician shared his COVID+ test result on his Instagram Story. This Friday, September 29, the Poosh founder shared a carousel of baby shower photos on her Instagram. The party notably took place last weekend — the weekend Barker fell ill.

One image in the photo dump did show Kourtney and Barker both wearing face masks and standing a few feet apart, but the majority of the photos were of the couple mask-free and lip-locked. The first image in the carousel was a picture of the couple’s photo booth selfies. Kourtney sat in Barker’s lap while neither wore masks, and they of course kissed for half of the shots.

Another photo showed the soon-to-be mom of four sitting on the Blink-182 drummer’s lap at a table outside, again maskless and obviously not physically distanced. The half-hearted mask-wearing was sort of a moot point, as Kourtney posed sans mask for a few photos with more than 10 of her friends.

While wearing a mask is a personal choice, people couldn’t help but point out the carelessness of the move for a woman who a. has talked about how difficult it was for her to get pregnant and b. has already had to undergo emergency fetal surgery. COVID is of course a health risk for all of the party guests, but none so much as the pregnant mother of honor.

“Wait, didn’t he have Covid here?” one person questioned in the comments. They added, “Something unsafe about a pregnant woman kissing her covid positive spouse seems off.” Others were similarly confused and disdainful, dropping comments including, “Wtf I thought he had COVID smh,” “He had COVID during the baby shower and you were all over him,” and “Guess y’all both got Covid…. Or u simply don’t care if ur baby gets Covid🤷🏻‍♀️,” among many more.

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Kourtney and Barker likely wanted to enjoy the special celebration without the damper of the physical protocols recommended for COVID, but with such a high risk — Kourtney and their baby potentially falling ill — it was a move even we have to admit side-eying.

Additionally, the couple was ripped a new one for having a balloon release as part of the shower — Kourtney especially so, with her well-known stance on sustainability, health, and natural wellness practices. And with the chaotic episode of The Kardashians airing the previous night, revealing a nasty fight between the Lemme founder and her sister Kim Kardashian, commenters also used that as ammunition for their criticism. All in all, it’s giving three trimesters worth of yikes.

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