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Jamie Oliver divides fans with his latest cooking video

We’re all big fans of Jamie Oliver here at HELLO!, and his latest social media post certainly had our mouths watering. The celebrity chef shared a video clip on his Instagram page showing himself blowtorching the top of what looks like a lemon meringue pie – yum! There were plenty of compliments for the father-of-five

14 best warm foods to pack for kids’ lunchboxes

September is a month of change. For many it signifies the end of summer with children going back to school and the days becoming shorter and cooler. During the autumn term, warm food makes a welcome addition to your child’s packed lunch box. DISCOVER: 9 sweet ways to make your kids’ return to school memorable

Is It Healthy To Combine Intermittent Fasting With Keto?

Raise your hand if you’ve heard of the keto diet or intermittent fasting (IF). Raise it again if you’ve heard of both. Raise it one more time if you’ve considered combining the two in the hopes it’ll supercharge your weight loss. If you raised it that third time you’re not alone—plenty of people are wondering the same thing. So we

These Ina Garten Chocolate Recipes Are Swoon-Worthy

The Barefoot Contessa star and chef extraordinaire clearly believes in the life-affirming power of chocolate, because she has an impressive array of recipes that feature it as the star ingredient. From cakes and puddings to crisps and bark, she’s got just about every frontier of this sweet stuff covered (or, rather, has it covering all

Ina Garten Gave Another Sneak Peak of Her New Cookbook

Since May when Garten shared a recipe from her upcoming cookbook, Modern Comfort Food, we’ve been eagerly awaiting another peek. And today, as fellow Garten fan Taylor Swift‘s new album folklore played softly in the background, we stumbled upon it: another Garten recipe pulled from the pages of her highly anticipated cookbook, Fig & Cheese