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How Kate Middleton broke the Queen’s one food rule

The life of a royal may look like it’s filled with glitz and glamour, but even the Queen has to follow strict royal protocol. Most unusual are the royals’ golden food rules, which prevent them from eating everything from seafood to garlic, amongst other popular cuisines. SEE: Kate Middleton’s daily diet: the Duchess’ breakfast, lunch and

This Ina Garten Bread-Freezing Hack Can Save You Money

We love bread. Baguettes, pull-apart bread, country loaves, sourdough boules, you name it. But there is one problem we encounter on a tragically regular basis: bread goes bad quickly, sometimes before we can eat it. If you have a small household or just don’t eat bread that often, it can be hard to finish a

The One Thing Bobby Flay Never Makes On Thanksgiving

Every year in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving we start frantically planning our menus and wonder how we’re going to get everything done. Think about it – it’s the one day a year for most of us that we turn our kitchen into a restaurant, serving a huge amount of people a huge amount

7 Things You Probably Never Knew About Julia Child

Julia Child was much more than a chef and cookbook author. The classically trained chef who brought French cuisine to an American audience via her TV series The French Chef and her award-winning cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking was — and still is — a cultural icon with a surprising past. Sure, you