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Kidney dysfunction linked to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction

Mild and moderate kidney dysfunction are associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), according to a study published online Nov. 27 in ESC Heart Failure. Robin W.M. Vernooij, Ph.D., from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and colleagues examined the association between kidney dysfunction and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction

Inhaled statins show promise as effective asthma treatment

Statins are a class of drugs commonly used to lower bad cholesterol, but can they also treat obstructive airway diseases, such as asthma? UC Davis Health pulmonologists are exploring an innovative approach to determine whether statins may help treat obstructive airway diseases by delivering the medication via inhalation. “Delivering statins by inhalation is a creative

AI could help in the early diagnosis of autism, study finds

Artificial intelligence, coupled with data from an iPad coloring game, could assist in early diagnosis of autism, a new USC study shows. “These results indicate the potential for an easy and novel method for early detection of autism and development coordination disorder,” said senior author Lisa Aziz-Zadeh, a professor at the USC Mrs. T.H. Chan

Now scientists develop a vaccine to lower CHOLESTEROL

Now scientists develop a vaccine to lower CHOLESTEROL which is linked to 18m deaths a year A vaccine cholesterol vaccine in development could be available within 10 years The vaccine is set to be up to 50 times cheaper than alternative injections  READ MORE: Here’s what you should NEVER do if you have high cholesterol

Weight loss: Fasting may improve gut microbiome in some people

Evidence is building that a healthy, diverse gut microbiome can benefit health. Studies have shown that people and animals with obesity often have a less diverse microbiome than those of a healthy weight. Now, research from China suggests that intermittent energy restriction (IER) — which involves eating normally on some days and eating a very

Digital algorithm ePOCT+ successfully reduces antibiotic prescriptions in children, combating antimicrobial resistance

A new study recently published in the journal Nature Medicine explores the potential application of a digital algorithm named ePOCT+ to help healthcare providers decide how and when to prescribe antibiotics for treating sick children.   Study: A digital health algorithm to guide antibiotic prescription in pediatric outpatient care: a cluster randomized controlled trial. Image Credit: Ground Picture /

Study assesses GPT-4’s potential to perpetuate racial, gender biases in clinical decision making

Large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and GPT-4 have the potential to assist in clinical practice to automate administrative tasks, draft clinical notes, communicate with patients, and even support clinical decision making. However, preliminary studies suggest the models can encode and perpetuate social biases that could adversely affect historically marginalized groups. A new study by

Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer may continue benefiting from immunotherapy after treatment discontinuation

The majority of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer whose cancer did not progress during initial treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) had no disease progression two years after discontinuing treatment, reports a new study. The study is published in the journal Cancer Research Communications. ICIs have proven effective against certain solid tumors, including those with

Using AI to diagnose autism in children

A multi-institutional Korean team of child and adolescent psychologists, behavioral scientists, ophthalmologists and biomedical systems informatics specialists has found that deep-learning-based AI systems can accurately diagnose children with autism. In their study, reported in the journal JAMA Network Open, the group created an autism-diagnosing tool using a learning-based AI system and tested it on human

Significant benefit seen in Phase III trial of experimental drug for kidney disease

In a clinical trial of patients with chronic kidney disease, an experimental drug significantly reduced albuminuria—albumin in urine, a sign of kidney damage—for 50% of participants. When the experimental drug was paired with a standard-care medication, 70% of participants reportedly experienced a significant reduction in albuminuria. The findings were published in The Lancet. The paper’s

Where AI innovation has taken one EHR vendor in 2023

Photo: athenahealth Healthcare IT News sat down with Paul Brient, chief product officer of athenahealth, to gain his insights into how artificial intelligence can improve patient experiences and healthcare delivery, simplify healthcare interactions, and make healthcare more accessible, as well as hear how the electronic health record vendor is using AI today. He said that new AI-driven

Study: Solid organ transplant patients benefit from COVID-19 treatment

New research from Cedars-Sinai’s Comprehensive Transplant Center found that a monoclonal antibody treatment reduced the risk of COVID-19 in a large group of solid organ transplant patients who were administered the drug as a preventive measure against the disease. The study, recently published in the journal Transplant Infectious Disease, analyzed data from 911 solid organ