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What mutant flies can teach us about autoimmune disorders

From founding the field of genetics research to unraveling the mysteries of disease, tiny fruit flies have made a big impact on our understanding of human biology. While it may not look it, the insects share 60% of their genes with humans. Fruit flies have therefore become an important model organism for studying gene function

Which types of brain activity support conscious experiences?

Consciousness remains one of the brain’s biggest mysteries. We know very little about how it emerges from activity within the brain, but most neuroscientists agree consciousness is dynamic in nature. Our subjective experience doesn’t appear to us like a sequence of disjointed snapshots. Instead, we feel the world as a continuous stream of information. This

Study: Measuring brain waves could diagnose dementia early

Our visual memory system has a phenomenally large capacity. Flick through the image gallery on your phone, or fast forward through a previously watched movie, and notice how the briefly presented images trigger memories with little or no effort on your part. Well, my colleagues and I have harnessed this passive visual memory system to

Yard size does not impact children’s physical activity levels

Yard size does not affect children’s physical activity levels, according to a new study, suggesting outdoor play mightn’t be impacted as cities densify and backyards shrink. The research led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the University of Melbourne, showed no association between yard space and greenness and physical activity, highlighting a child’s

International organizations, vaccine manufacturers discuss strategies to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines

The heads of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank Group, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization met with the CEOs of leading vaccine manufacturing companies to discuss strategies to improve the access to COVID-19 vaccines, especially in low- and lower middle-income countries and in Africa. The Task Force expressed concerns that without urgent steps

Novel device for exploratory imaging enables about 1,000 times more access to brain tissue

Science is examining the brain’s neural activity for applications ranging from innovative therapies for brain-related injuries and disease to computational learning architectures for artificial intelligence and deep neural networks. A research team has developed a tool that lets researchers see more of a live mouse’s brain, to make discoveries that can advance research into the

South Korea Approves Celltrion’s COVID-19 Treatment for Use

SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea on Friday approved drugmaker Celltrion Inc’s antibody COVID-19 treatment for infected adults in high-risk groups or those with severe symptoms. Phase III clinical trials showed the monoclonal antibodies significantly reduced deterioration of COVID-19 symptoms to severe levels and shortened recovery, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said in a

Postural hypotension in older adults related to poor cognition

Postural hypotension, a drastic drop in blood pressure when standing up, is linked to an increased risk of dementia and accelerated progression from cognitive impairment to dementia, even in the absence of symptoms, for instance when feeling dizzy or faint. In a study published in the journal Hypertension, researchers from Karolinska Institutet show that postural

Fibrosis Progression Flies Below the Radar in Subclinical ILD

Subclinical or preclinical interstitial lung disease in patients with connective tissue diseases is not a benign entity, and many patients may experience progression of lung fibrosis before a diagnosis of ILD is made, investigators caution. Dr Anna-Maria Hoffmann-Vold Among patients with connective tissue disease assessed with baseline and follow-up high-resolution CT scans for ILD, nearly