Woman hits out at ‘stingy’ bride and groom for their wedding catering idea

Weddings can be really long days, so you can often find yourself counting down the minutes until you get to tuck into a plate of lovely food.

Whether it’s a full sit down wedding breakfast or an informal buffet, most brides and grooms offer up some sort of meal for their guests.

But one woman is very annoyed about the catering arrangements at a wedding she’s been invited to later this year, and she’s labelled the bride and groom "stingy" for thinking it’s acceptable.

The couple have said they’re not providing any food for the evening reception, despite inviting an extra 70 guests to the night, and the woman is also concerned about what they’re being served for the main meal.

Unsure of what to do, she’s taken to parenting website Mumsnet to see if other parents think it’s acceptable.

She wrote: "Going to a wedding in July where there isn’t going to be any food put on in the evening, despite it being a big wedding and an extra 70 evening guests joining the party.

"I thought that was quite bad, but on top of that the wedding breakfast which was billed as an afternoon tea has turned about to be a buffet at the side of sandwiches, scones and cake.

"I don’t know whether the tables will be called up one by one to get their food or if there’ll be 100+ people queuing at the same time.

"AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to think this is a weird arrangement and guests will be starving?"

Lots of people agree with her concerns, and some even suggested taking snacks.

One wrote: "If you can’t afford to feed your guests properly (day and evening) then you should either invite fewer so you can, or make the wedding no gifts but bring a dish. This sounds seriously stingy."

Another added: "This is bad form. If it starts at 12.45 most people won’t have eaten lunch as will have been travelling. Afternoon tea is fine if it’s substantial but a later meal needs to be provided. If I was just an evening guest I’d assume there would be something to nibble on, nothing at all is rude even if people may have eaten supper beforehand. The full day guests will be starving. Poor show from the bride and groom."

One woman replied: "There will be some very drunk guests!"

Others suggested she take snacks on they to keep her going.

One wrote: "Sounds really stingy to me, if you go I suggest you take emergency rations so you don’t starve. It’s ridiculous to expect people to survive all day and evening on a scone and bit of cake."

Do you think this is an acceptable wedding catering plan?


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