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My day on a plate: Frock Hudson

Cabaret comedienne Frock Hudson, 40, shares their day on a plate. Frock Hudson is the alter ego of cabaret comedian Dean Arcuri. 7.30am A piece of buttered multigrain toast with a very generous amount of Vegemite, and a glass of orange juice. 8.15am A mixed bowl of cereal – one-quarter Coco Pops, one-quarter Corn Flakes

Why I’m Teaching My Kid Not to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I won’t be celebrating this year. And I’ll be teaching my toddler son exactly why I’m killing this holiday — in my heart at least. Because exactly what is there to celebrate again? I have always loved Thanksgiving. There’s something about a day filled with food without the pressure to

My day on a plate: Jack Stein

Chef Jack Stein, 36, shares his day on a plate. Jack Stein. 7am I wake up and have a coffee. I'm really into coffee. 11am Bruschetta with good tomatoes; I've found a really nice seed bread that goes with it. My partner's family is Italian, so I'm trying to ingratiate myself with them with this

Should I take Vitamin C or other supplements for my cold?

Last week I had a shocking cold. Blocked nose, sore throat, and feeling poorly. This made me think about the countless vitamins and supplements on the market that promise to ease symptoms of a cold, help you recover faster, and reduce your chance of getting another cold. When it comes to the common cold (also

My day on a plate: Brian Morley

Brian Morley. Sunday Life reader, Brian Morley, 81, shares his day on a plate. 7am Mug of decaf coffee with light milk; a piece of tasty cheese. 8am Breakfast is a crumpet with marmalade and a slice of grainy toast with Vegemite. This is followed by a banana, half an orange and a glass of

My Health Record: the case for opting in

My health Record was off to a rocky start. The My Health Record (MHR) system promises to make Australia a leader in providing citizens with access to their own health records. The scheme gives health care professionals access to information on your medications and allergies, immunisation records, summaries of hospital and GP care, investigation reports,

'My Sister's Wedding Inspired Me To Lose 31.75 Kilograms'

When my sister announced her wedding date, I wanted to be excited—I really was so happy for her!—but with weddings always come wedding pictures. And the last thing I wanted was to be memorialised in all the snaps of my sister’s happiest memories the way I was then: overweight and overwhelmed with crushing anxiety. RELATED: This Is

Here’s What Happened to My Body When I Gave Up Coffee For 10 Days

My love for coffee started in high school with weak, syrupy-sweet petrol station “cappuccinos.” Then in college, I graduated to Donut King, then Starbucks, then fancy hipster roasts. Somewhere along the way, though, this glorious brew became more of a necessity than an enjoyment. Hectic mornings during which I had to choose between brewing coffee and

My Dog Saved My Life When I Almost Ended It

I’ve always believed that every household needs a dog. The undying loyalty, the effervescent greetings, the irrevocable love — how could anyone not want that? Growing up in a hostile home environment, I always sought comfort in my dog. When friends betrayed me, my parents hit me or someone bullied me, I’d lie down with

The retreat that transformed me after my husband's death

I'm sitting in a cosy room in the Hunter Valley, NSW, surrounded by picturesque bushland, sharing some of the deepest, darkest experiences of my life with a group of total strangers. I'm facing raw truths, revisiting childhood traumas, letting go of all the anger, sadness, shame and regret that's been bottling up for decades. “By

Markers, erasers, and germs, oh my!

A thorough, terminal cleaning of hospital rooms between patients is essential for eliminating environmental contamination, and a checklist is a standard tool to guide the cleaning staff. But new research presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) offers an important reminder that the checklist is

How boredom helped me find purpose in my life

I'm bored, I wrote. Bored of the endless stretching of featureless time, bored from the loneliness and the lack of mental stimulation. For a year, I had floundered in the sluggish dragging of time, working as a waitress to make ends meet, freelance writing (averagely) on the side, broke and desperately lonely, unsure of how

My cancer is in remission – does this mean I’m cured?

So you’ve been through cancer treatment and your doctor has called you in for “some good news”. Satisfied, she tells you your cancer is “in remission.” What does this mean? Are you cured? Is the cancer gone forever? And what about all those stories you’ve heard of someone who thought they’d “won the battle” –

My day on a plate: Vanda Serrador

Facialist and body-care expert at The Body Shop, Vanda Serrador, 42, shares her day on a plate. Vanda Serrador. 7.30am I start my day with a 15-minute meditation and an oil pulling (swishing around coconut oil in my mouth and then spitting it out), which helps to draw out toxins. 7.45am Cold-pressed juice with beetroot,