Giada De Laurentiis Let Us Look Inside Her Pantry & We Spotted 13 Must-Have Items

Analyzing the kitchens of celebrities via their videos, stories, and snaps amid this quarantine is basically our new favorite sport. What brands do they eat? What are their favorite snacks? What flour do they use to bake with? These are the types of very-important questions we need answered as we spend a record amount of time in our respective kitchens stress baking. And the two celebrity chefs who haven’t been shy about giving fans a glimpse into their pantries? Food Network stars Ina Garten, who posted a photo on Instagram in March, and Giada De Laurentiis, who shared her pantry staples on her blog Giadzy not too long ago.

“I asked people on my Instagram what kind of content they wanted most during this time, and the response was overwhelmingly unanimous: ‘practical pantry recipes,’” De Laurentiis wrote.

And while De Laurentiis has shared just that — practical pantry recipes — over the past few weeks, she isn’t quite done taking us on virtual tours of her pantry. Yesterday, she took to Instagram Stories to invite fans to watch “pantry clean-up day.”

“So, today’s pantry clean-up day because my pantry has been a disaster for quite some time. I’ve been avoiding it, but today we’re gonna get started,” De Laurentiis started.

In the time-lapse video, we watch De Laurentiis reorganize her pantry, chock-full of staples and snacks. So many, in fact, we decided to highlight the 13 ingredients and products we found in De Laurentiis’ pantry.

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