Giada De Laurentiis Uses This Cheese to Give Her Lemon Pound Cake a 'Moist, Tender Crumb' That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

Cheesecake is deliciously creamy (and goes amazingly well with tangy fruit toppings!), so it’s no surprise that cheese can elevate the taste of other types of cake as well. Giada De Laurentiis just shared the secret, cheesy ingredient she uses to make a “moist, tender crumb” in her lemon pound cake, and it sounds so good.

De Laurentiis posted a video of her lemon cake on Instagram today, revealing that she uses ricotta cheese to create the perfect texture.

“The ricotta in this lemon ricotta pound cake gives it a moist, tender crumb,” she captioned the video, which shows her spreading the pound cake batter, baking it, drizzling it, and plating it with fresh strawberries. She also drizzles it with a sugary glazed icing. “The lemon glaze on top ties it all together with the perfect amount of sweetness,” she added.

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This lemon pound cake would go so well with a hot cup of coffee after dinner (or for breakfast or an afternoon snack or any other time, really). The Italian chef shared the full recipe on her Giadzy website, explaining that it takes 15 minutes of prep time and 60 minutes of cook time.

“If you all know me, you know that ‘lemon ricotta’ is a popular phrase in my dessert vocabulary!” she wrote on the Giadzy. “It’s an especially lovely combination in this pound cake.”

She continued, “The cake on its own isn’t too sweet, which is how I prefer my desserts — but the bright lemony glaze does make it just right. I love having a small slice of this cake with afternoon tea or coffee.”

Ingredients include butter, sugar, ricotta cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and more. Beat butter, sugar, and cheese with a handheld mixer until fluffy, then add other ingredients. Fold in dry ingredients, then spread in a 9×5-inch loaf pan.

Next, whip up the glaze with powdered sugar, salt, and lemon juice, drizzling over the cake after it’s done baking. You can also make this cake gluten free by subbing in one cup of all-purpose gluten free flour blend and ½ cup almond flour for the all-purpose flour in the recipe.

This cake is as good as it looks, with one person commenting, “Delicious and it freezes beautifully!” Another wrote, “I made this GF recently and it was delicious!”

“Tried and loved this recipe it’s divine,” someone else said.

If you are looking for something sweet and tangy, fluffy and crumbly, then you have to try this unique lemon ricotta pound cake. You’ll never want a cake made without a moist cheese again!

Read De Laurentiis’ full Lemon Ricotta Pound Cake recipe here.

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