The Crazy Reason Why You Should NOT Eat Raw Cookie Dough This Holiday Season

Amidst the dozens of recall warnings issued by government agencies this year, the CDC just popped up again to remind you that you should most definitely not eat raw cookie dough this holiday season. In a recent announcement called “Say No To Raw Dough!” the agency doubled down on the warning.

Pretty much anything with raw dough or batter can make you sick, the organization explained. That’s because not only is the flour you use for baking usually raw (and therefore untreated for bacteria like E.coli), raw eggs also carry a risk of salmonella for all those who consume them.

The CDC insists even a small taste of batter puts you at risk for getting sick. That said, the food editors here at Delish have a few workarounds should you just not be able to avoid temptation. That said, please listen to the CDC! The following baking hacks will not magically protect you from a bacteria that promises a Christmas spent over the toilet. Just saying.

I know. A lot to mull over here. Might I suggest you do so while browsing through these fantastic no-bake recipes? Just some extra food for thought.

From: Delish

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