How widespread are life-threatening food allergies?

If allergic reactions to food are a danger

If people are allergic to certain foods, this can sometimes even lead to life-threatening reactions. A study should clarify how many people really suffering from such a dangerous food Allergy.

The scientists from the Northwestern University investigated at the time of their current research work, how many people are affected by a life-threatening food Allergy. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “JAMA Network Open”.

How prevalent are food allergies?

There are a lot of people to suffer, what accept under a dangerous food Allergy. The question naturally arises: How many people are really suffering from a food Allergy, which can lead to life-threatening consequences for those Affected? According to the statements of the authors of the study, an estimated alone are affected in the U.S., about 26 million adults (about ten percent) of a life-threatening food Allergy. The physicians found that about 19 percent of the people in the USA accept to be of such an Allergy to certain foods affected, although their symptoms with a real food Allergy to match, which can trigger a life-threatening reaction. These results are based on a nationally representative survey of over 40,000 adults.

Many people assume only one food Allergy-affected

The experts found that approximately one in ten adults suffers from a food Allergy. However, almost twice as many adults believe are allergic to certain foods, although the symptoms point more to a food intolerance, or other nutrition-related conditions, explains study author Professor Dr. Ruchi Gupta, of the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University.

In case of the suspicion of a food Allergy, a doctor

Before Concerned certain foods stress completely out of your diet, should be appropriate Tests and diagnoses are carried out by a doctor, the experts advise. If a food Allergy is confirmed, you should inform the Concerned about the possible dangers and the proper use of the Allergy, including the recognition of an anaphylactic reaction and how and when adrenaline is used.

Why are food allergies so common in adults?

The researchers found that only half of the adults had a food Allergy, a physician-confirmed diagnosis and less than 25 percent of these people indicated that a adrenaline-regulation. The scientists also found that almost half of adults with a food developed an Allergy to at least one of their food allergies in adulthood. There is a need for further research to understand why food allergies occur as frequently in adults, and as such allergies prevent can be, says Professor Gupta.

What food allergies are widespread?

The most common food allergies related to shellfish (7.2 million), milk (4.7 million), peanuts (4.5 million), tree nuts (3 million), fish (2.2 million), eggs ( 2 million), wheat (2 million), soybeans (1.5 million) and sesame (0.5 million). (as)