Nudestix Partners With Makeup Artist Mary Phillips

Nudestix is teaming with Mary Phillips for its first collaboration with a celebrity makeup artist.Phillips, who has worked with the Kardashian-Jenners, Chrissy Teigen and Hailee Steinfeld, among other celebrities, created a kit with Nudestix dubbed the “Jetsetter Palette.”“ has a special approach to beauty that is in line with us,” said Jenny Frankel, who founded Nudestix with her daughters Ally and Taylor. “We felt that partnering with her was a way to elevate our credibility in the artistry community and elevate our brand awareness.” “Jetsetter Palette”The kit includes existing Nudestix products, which are all in portable stick formats meant for the on-the-go user, and comes in a pouch decorated with graphic patches that reads “I Love My Makeup & Glow To-Go.” Phillips chose four eye shadow sticks, two in brown hues and two in copper and gold, two lip color sticks in pinky nude hues and a Nudies All Over Face Color. Phillips leaned toward an earthy color palette and chose shades she thought would look good on all skin tones.“The question I get asked most on social media is how to get ready in 10 minutes,” Phillips said. “I wanted to create something realistic for people to use with great products and beautiful colors. Nudestix understands artists and creative approaches and I’m a fan of the products.”In addition to collaborating on the kit, Phillips and Nudestix created a series of how-to videos to demonstrate the different looks that can be created with the brand’s products. In two of the videos, Phillips uses the “Jetsetter Palette” to create a natural look and a bold nighttime look. The other two videos show Phillips creating “red carpet-inspired looks” with one video featuring influencer Melissa Alatorre.“By creating content, we think we will really resonate authentically with our followers,” Frankel continued. “We believe this will give us buzz in the makeup artist community, since many admire .”In addition to the “Jetsetter Palette,” Nudestix is also launching its first complexion product, Tinted Blur, which is said to deliver a lightweight sheer coverage that smooths out the skin. The brand also has plans to launch another collaboration with a celebrity makeup artist in the fall.The “Jetsetter Palette” is available now on the brand’s web site for $69.

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