Teacher reveals why he left student to rest after she fell asleep in class

If you ever fell asleep at school, we’d bet you were quickly woken up and berated.

Depending on the teacher, you might’ve been slapped with detention too.

Some educators would probably take sleeping students personally. It probably isn’t directly their fault. A lot of children find maths boring and school is tiring.

Although some teachers, we seem to recall, did drone on a bit.

Whether Monte Syrie is boring or not doesn’t matter.

His pupil Meg recently nodded off in one of his English classes, but rather than rouse her and tell her to pay attention, he let her doze.

Monte did so not because he couldn’t be bothered to do anything. He wasn’t at the end of his tether. He didn’t not care. Quite the opposite.

The teacher, who works at a high school in Cheney, Washington, explained why he left Meg sleeping on Twitter:

People have been encouraged by Monte’s warmth:

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