The day of organ donation: DGU pleads again for contradiction solution

Number of organ donations in Germany goes back

The number of organ donations in Germany back again: on the Occasion of organ donation day on 1. June the German society for urology (DGU) to the fact that the number of organ donations, following a slight improvement in 2018 in the first quarter of 2019 again on the decline. Against the Background of the current social discussion and the beginning of June, the upcoming parliamentary debate on the Reform of the organ donation to the society, therefore reiterates its call for the introduction of the double contradiction solution, which includes a right of objection by the next of kin.

“We are glad that we were able to initiate as a specialist company in the beginning of 2018, the current debate and that the legislature has drawn the consequences. Our requests for system corrections are reflected in the law for the improvement of cooperation and the structures in organ donation, the on 1. April 2019 in force ist&#8220 kicked;, Prof. Dr. Paolo Fornara, a member of the Permanent Commission for organ transplantation, as well as the audit and monitoring Commission of the Federal chamber of physicians and Past-President of the DGU in the period 2017/2018 says. “But Germany must also go to the second step and the contradiction solution umsetzen“, so the transplant doctors more. The latest comparative figures of the German Foundation for organ transplantation underscore the urgency of effective measures: In the first quarter of 2017, the historically worst year, there were 212 organ donors; in the first quarter of 2018, there were 261, and in the first quarter of 2019, the number of organ donors has slipped again, to 224 donors. The number of transplanted organs in the first quarter of 2019 (714) fell even below the comparison value by 2017 (729).

That, in the meantime, two alternative draft laws exist that allow a reasonably comprehensive discussion of the debate, so the DGU. The Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) and Karl Lauterbach (SPD) presented the cross-party draft of a “law for the regulation of the double contradiction solution in the Transplantationsgesetz“ provides that any adult person in Germany is considered to be an organ donor – unless he has objected. Members can contradict each other. The alternative draft for a “law for the strengthening of the willingness to make a Decision in the case of the Organspende“ of deputies of all fractions in the Bundestag except for the AfD continues to Express consent to organ donation. Family doctors should provide advice to agencies in the issuing of new identity documents to remember. The voluntary decision for or against organ donation could be recorded, provided it is taken in a Register.

This would, however, change little in the current decision-making solution with Information provided by the health insurance companies. As low, the increase in donors is likely to be. Already today, over 80 percent of the population of Organ and tissue donation is positive, but only a third has an organ Donation card. “In order to reduce this gap, we need the introduction of the double Widerspruchslösung“, Prof. Fornara, and the President of the DGU-President Prof. Dr. Oliver W. Hakenberg stress. “A duty for organ donation arises. Each Individual can explain his personal attitude. Who would not want to donate his organs, has the right to speak actively to resist. In addition, the members in the specific case, have a Einspruchsrecht“, Prof. of hook mountain.

The DGU-demand after the introduction of the consent system since the Erfurt ‘ Congress in may 2018 by the Federal chamber of physicians and numerous medical societies. “In 24 of the 30 countries in Europe, the opposition solution is, in the Netherlands, it occurs in 2020, in Kraft“, transplant expert Fornara says. The decision solution is considered in Germany alone, the plant in comparison with the member countries of the Euro TRANS with only 9.7 post-mortem organ donors per one Million inhabitants last and international, behind Iran and ahead of Romania, ranked 30 ranks. “Only with the overall package of structural improvements and oppose this solution, we will reduce the shortage of donor organs and, as the absolute majority of the Eurotransplant countries, more lives on the waiting list, save können“, DGU-President Prof. hook mountain sums it up.