This back relief and posture T-shirt has over 1,000 glowing reviews

Say goodbye to back pain: Shoppers say this high-tech t-shirt helps ease their aches and pains – and we have a discount code

  • PERCKO have created the first back relief T-shirt registered as a medical device 
  •  The Lyne Up t-shirt works by engaging your posture, realigning your spine and reducing pressure on your vertebrae 
  • You can get £10 off with our exclusive discount code SPRINGSUMMER10

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If you spend the majority of your day hunched over a screen, then the chances are you’ve experienced back pain in some capacity. 

And you’re not alone; nine million people in England live with back pain, the result due to the rise of hybrid working and poor work setups.

While there are many products on the market claiming to help improve posture and relieve back pain, a back relief T-shirt is one of the more innovative solutions. Enter the PERCKO Lyne UP t-shirt.

The smart T-shirt is a registered medical device that’s designed to strengthen back muscles by encouraging an engaged posture. And according to over 1,000 impressive reviews, it offers seriously effective pain relief. Better still, MailOnline readers can save £10 off with the code SPRINGSUMMER10.

Say goodbye to back pain: The £99 Lyne UP is a back relief t-shirt designed to engage your posture, realigning your spine and reducing pressure on your vertebrae

The Lyne UP is a back pain relief t-shirt with built-in elastic tensors that stimulate the muscles for an active and dynamic posture.  

Helping you slouch less, it helps to reduce spinal pain while building strength in your back and core for long-term effect. 

Slouching, although something we’re all guilty of doing, can result in muscle tension, back pain and neck ache. 

If you suffer from pain and discomfort triggered by bad posture, then the Lyne UP back relief T-shirt by PERCKO could be a total gamechanger.

The unobtrusive posture aid is comfortable and lightweight, fitting neatly and discreetly under your clothes. The wearable tech works by engaging your posture, realigning your spine and reducing pressure on your vertebrae. The result? Effective and surprisingly fast pain relief.

PERCKO has worked with health professionals, including osteopaths, physiotherapists and doctors in biomechanics, to find a simple and effective solution to reduce spinal pain by stimulating a dynamic posture.

The result is the Lyne UP, a tech-embedded T-shirt that reminds you not to slouch. 

The smart t-shirt works thanks to a system of elasticated tensors positioned strategically to align the spine and the pelvis. 

The clever tech applies gentle pressure to your lower back and shoulders, encouraging you to straighten up naturally while allowing freedom of movement. 

Lyne Up is designed to be like a second skin; it’s so fine that it will remain invisible under your clothes

The t-shirt has been designed with a system of elasticated tensors on the shoulders to open the chest and on the lower back to realign the spine and the pelvis

By strengthening the back and core muscles, the Lyne UP can vastly improve your back health and pain relief, both long term and short term. 

In fact, PERCKO claims that wearing the Lyne UP at least two days a week guarantees a long-lasting healthy back.  

‘Found it a little fiddly to get on the first time,’ explained one five-star reviewer. ‘But boy, did it help my back after years of disc problems and treatments how something as simple actually made me stand taller. At first, I wore it every other day until I got used to it now absolutely brilliant.’ 

‘This product is a miracle,’ another user shared. ‘I have suffered from severe back pain due to degeneration of my discs, I have been filled with painkillers, opioids and ointments, which just don’t work. 

‘When I bought this item, the Lyne UP, I only bought one as I wasn’t sure; the first time I wore it, the difference was amazing. I can walk and work again 99.9 per cent pain-free.’ 

A third penned: ‘I purchased this product hoping it would improve my posture and ease back pain, and it has done exactly that.’

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