Why Heroin is the deadliest of all the drugs

Heroin is the deadliest of drugs for decades and it leads the drug-related death statistics, by a large margin. The reason is that opioids, substances which are the drug of the opium Poppy, similar to that naturally occur in the brain. And you intoxicate not only that, you can also dampen important functions in the nervous system. About the respiratory center. In the case of an Overdose, the “Golden shot”, goes out of the breathing reflex, while the Consumer is stunned. He’s choking.

How many drug Heroin was once a drug. It belonged to the company Bayer and was considered a safe pain and narcotics. Later it was discovered the Addiction potential, and banished it from the market. Because Heroin is so expensive on the black market, it causes an intensive delinquency. In addition, its purity is often unpredictable. And: The area between a friendly and a dangerous dose is much narrower than for other drugs. The demand is increasing with time, the body becomes tolerant. To be one of the biggest risks of infections such as HIV and Hepatitis due to the use of syringes. Because Heroin makes them both mentally as well as physically hard on the symptoms of withdrawal often the use of substitute drugs bearable.