10 rules for a perfect bedtime routine for your baby

Setting up a bedtime routine is necessary to allow a pleasant sleep for the baby. It is the most intimate time which helps the baby to relax, build a bond with parents, grow and learn. An interrupted sleep might make the baby irritable and cranky.

During the early period, up to three to four months, babies are almost oblivious to their surroundings and only require the warmth of the mother or cradle to doze off. However, as the baby starts growing, he/she develops a sense of belonging. As they grow, the little ones recognise the room or bed they sleep in daily. Thus, setting up a good bedtime routine makes the process harmonious. If you also want to set a routine in place for your little bud, here are some tips you can follow.

Make time for a bedtime bath

Not just adults, even babies feel relaxed after a bath before bedtime. Soaking the baby in warm water or giving a sponge bath is a healthy habit. It refreshes the mind and body, helping in a good night’s sleep.

Take care of the baby’s personal hygiene

Cleaning the teeth, gums, face, hands, etc, of the baby should be a priority. In order to avoid bed-wetting, make sure the baby has relieved himself before bedtime. If you are diapering the baby for the night, ensure it’s dry to avoid inconvenience.

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Dress the baby in comfortable clothing

Make sure the baby wears easy as well as comfortable clothes while falling sleep. Keep away from frills and buttons that might hamper the beauty sleep of the little darling. Opt for cotton rompers or loose sleeping suits for the baby.

Set the room for a sound sleep

A baby finds it difficult to sleep in a room full of distractions. Thus, take the baby to a silent room, which is not so dark and is well-ventilated. Set the baby’s bed or cradle to create their private space. Also, keep the gadgets away from them.

Fix a spot for the infant’s bed

Make sure you fix a particular spot in the room for the baby’s bed, where he or she will sleep daily. This will gradually help the baby get used to it. This will also help the baby to sleep comfortably.

Play some fun games

If you try to make your baby sleep forcefully, you will fail miserably. When they get tired, he/she automatically dozes off without much effort. Hence, playing some fun game before bedtime is a brilliant idea. Games like recognising animals or playing with their favourite toy will entertain and bring on that smile!

Have some chit-chat sessions

It’s a great idea to converse with a baby as it allows them to respond and react. You will notice that after some time, they will begin to ecognize your voice and feel connected with you.

Time for a lullaby

A lullaby is sweet music to a baby’s ears. Trust us, the little ones feel restful when we sing to them. As a result, they gradually get accustomed to the soothing sound and drift into sleep while listening to it. In most cases, the voice of the mother is a lullaby to a baby’s ears.

Play soothing music

No one can sleep with a stressful mind. Thus, playing soft music can help your baby to transit from sleeplessness to an instant peaceful sleep. Make sure it’s not harsh or loud music that might distract the child.

Narrate the bedtime story

Telling a bedtime tale is a centuries old grandmother’s hack to allow the baby to sleep. Your voice, warmth and touch serve as a safe zone for the child. Listening to your voice soothes the baby and have a good asleep.

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