Easy-to-Clean Waterproof Bibs

There’s really no use in having a bib if it isn’t waterproof. After all, its entire purpose is to prevent messes, and with a child, there’s going to be more messes in a day than you can count on a hand (or both hands). However, there are some tricks you can pull out of your sleeve to minimize the clean up of those spills, spit-ups, and more if you have the right tools. While a cloth bib is efficient and useful for wiping down your little one’s face that’s completely covered in her breakfast yogurt, you’ll have to toss it in the wash after. So, if you prefer to reduce those wash sessions and get some time back, might we suggest a waterproof silicone bib?

With the slippery texture of silicone, you can easily wipe off or wash any spills off in seconds and get back to using the bib when you need it most. The most life-saving part about bibs are the built-in kangaroo pockets that catch those crumbs so you won’t have to clean up your floors after each meal. When it is time for a deep clean, you’ll need to consider if you need one that’s dishwasher safe or if you’re fine with a spot-clean only option. You’ll also want to look for one that has an adjustable neck strap for maximum comfort that doesn’t restrict movement either. Below, find the best picks for waterproof silicone bibs that are also just plain adorable!

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1. Modern Twist Bucket Bib

With a friendly otter as the face of this bib, your little one won’t be able to resist wearing it (even the fussiest eaters). This flexible waterproof silicone bib by Modern Twist is memory-free, so it won’t crinkle or wrinkle when you roll it up. For that reason, it’s the perfect bib to tote around with you while eating out. The baby bucket is made with FDA-approved, food-grade silicone that’s oh-so-soft on your baby’s skin. With an adjustable neck strap, your baby will always be comfortable while eating and won’t feel restricted. Simply wipe down the silicone with good old soap and water or toss it in the dishwasher for a more intense clean.


2. Hudson Baby Bib

Bibs are better in pairs (always have a backup option for everything!), and this darling duo is a must for any parent to have on hand in their kitchen. These waterproof silicone bibs are also unisex and are ultra easy to clean when accidents happen at the dinner table. These bibs are spot-clean only, so all you need to do is wipe them down with soapy water and you’ll be good to go and on your way to eating or doing whatever else you need to take care of! The bib pocket also flips out with ease so food crumbs will never get jammed inside the crevices. You can also adjust the neck strap with an easy-to-use button, so your child has maximum comfort while eating.


3. PandaEar Baby Bibs

Adorned in cheerful colors, these PandaEar waterproof silicone bibs will make you and your baby look forward to feeding time! It’s equipped with a wider pocket than most bibs, so it will be able to catch crumbs that can sneak out through the sides. Made with 100% food-grade silicone, you can ensure that your little one will be safe using this bib. One of the worst parts about silicone is that it can give off a strong smell, but you’ll never smell any funky chemicals with this version (which means that no appetites will be ruined).  The adjustable neck strap stays securely on toddlers, so they won’t be able to remove it when left to their own devices. There’s also a lifetime guarantee on these bibs, so you can feel good about purchasing these must-have accessories.

4. Oxo Tot Roll-Up Bib

This might be the most genius bib yet. Designed with two fabrics, this Oxo Tot waterproof silicone bib has comfortable fabric around the neck and the pocket, where food is most likely going to have contact, is made out of durable silicone. Plus, because the upper portion is made with fabric, it nicely folds directly into the pocket so you can take it with you while traveling or eating out. The pocket is wide so it’s able to pick up every (OK, almost every), last crumb before it hits the table or floor. The neck is adjustable, so you can up the size as your baby grows up.


5. Bebe Earth Bib

This spring-ready bib duo will make eating time a lot less stressful (and cuter). These waterproof silicone bibs are made with 100% food-grade silicone, so you can have the peace of mind that they’re safe for your child to use while eating. Thanks to their flexible shape, you can easily roll them up so you can take them with you on the go. The silicone material isn’t just beneficial for cleaning reasons: it’s ultra soft, so it doesn’t dig into your little one’s neck while they’re eating. When you infant grows into a toddler, you can easily adjust the size of the bib to grow with them so there’s no need to go out and get a larger bib.


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