Snoop Dogg Starts ‘Doggyland’ YouTube Channel for Kids — & Stars as Bow Wizzle

Snoop Dogg is entering new territory — he’s creating content for kids! The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper and dad of 4 just launched a kids YouTube Channel called Doggyland – Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes, where he is planning on introducing the next generation to music and education (and inevitably, get a whole new group of kids to start saying “fo shizzle my nizzle”).

“Welcome to Doggyland the home of modern, hip hop inspired takes on kids songs and nursery rhymes presented by Snoop Dogg!” his first video, “Welcome to Doggyland,” is captioned. “This show features a colorful cast of dogs who educate and entertain children through the power of singing, dancing and rapping! The cast is composed of Bow Wizzle (played by Snoop Dogg) and the puppies Wags, Yap Yap, Barks-A-Locks and Chow Wow!”

“Bow Wizzle is the character that I voice,” Snoop Dogg says in the video. “He’s the big brother, mentor, looks after all of the young pups. Great director, great singer, but most importantly, he’s a phenomenal rapper. And you know the kids love rapping.”

He adds, “So Bow Wizzle is a great version of Snoop Dogg. A greater version.”

This 3D animated series was created by Snoop Dogg in collaboration with October London and Claude Brooks, executive producer of Hip Hop Harry. The cute dogs will teach “learning and cognitive fundamentals aimed at preschoolers and toddlers all around the world.”

“The songs help promote social emotional development as well as age related cognitive development in the preschool set,” the caption continued. “We cover a wide range of engaging topics such as letters, numbers, colors, animals, good habits, hygiene, accepting others and more, along with modern remixes of classic nursery rhymes. Our music is made by award winning producers and singers resulting in tunes that everyone in the family can enjoy, allowing parents to participate in their child’s learning experience.”

In the video, Snoop Dogg also talks about the importance of diversity in Doggyland.

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“You can just be you and be accepted in Doggyland,” he says. “And that’s what these characters represent: diversity. So kids can learn to love each other from the beginning, because hate is what’s taught; love is what’s in their heart.”

Snoop Dogg is dad to Corde Broadus, 28, Cordell Broadus, 25, and Cori Broadus, 23, with wife Shante Taylor. He is also dad to Julian Corrie Broadus, 24, with Laurie Holmond. His experience of fatherhood (and being a grandpa!) influenced Doggyland.

“I feel like Doggyland is one of the greatest things to ever be created because, me personally, from having kids, having grandkids, and having a football league, and being able to be around so many different kids, I know what they go through,” he adds in the video. “And remember this: I’m probably the biggest kid you’ll ever meet.”

We are definitely adding this to our kids’ playlist.

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