Can replace a hemorrhoid ointment the doctor’s visit?

Did you know that every person has hemorrhoids? In fact, the vascular cushions take on an important task: they are for the so-called fine degree responsible. Say, hemorrhoids liquids, and gases. They swell, however, it may interfere with their function, and it leads to physical symptoms such as a Burning or itching around the Anus. Inflamed the anal skin only once, each visit to the toilet to torment. Especially if the swell well-perfused cushion and leak or even rupture and bleed. At this point, the questions: What helps for hemorrhoids? And how to prevent them in the future? The answers you get here.

How useful a hemorrhoid cream is?

According to the specialist Marcus Plonsker of the proctology Niendorf the classic symptoms such as an itchy or weeping Anus can be treated with over-the-counter hemorrhoid ointment or suppositories. The plant substances have a irritation-inhibiting effect, furthermore, of such pharmaceuticals include a local anesthetic. On wet toilet paper should be avoided, however, because it was treated with preservatives, which can irritate your inflamed skin even more. The following products for self-treatment are available without a prescription:

Hemorrhoids Ointment:

Active ingredient:

Posterisan akut

Local anesthetics-containing preparation containing lidocaine

Posterisan protect

Preparation with the yo – yo and beeswax, as well as Cetylstearylisononanoat

Hametum Ointment

(or suppositories)

Preparations with extracts of witch hazel

Mastu Ointment

(or suppositories)

Preparations containing bismuth salts, and titanium dioxide

So, you can prevent hemorrhoids

Thus, the vascular cushion their function without any physical discomfort – can be enjoyed, you should heed the following recommendations from the proctologist:

Take plenty of fluid (preferably water) to have at least two liters a day

Pay attention to a balanced diet that consists of at least 30 grams of fiber per day ballast

You can be enough, but not too much time in the toilet, two to three minutes are ideal

You move in the everyday life on a regular basis to stimulate the digestive system and hemorrhoids to prevent

In addition, the specialist still the following tip for those Affected, the more common among hemorrhoidal dam will suffer: “To the chair regulation have psyllium husks in a very proven”. It is the seed husks of a plant species, which have a laxative effect and regulate. Say, you should have to fight with regular digestive problems such as constipation or diarrhea, the hemorrhoids has been proven to promote the natural remedies for a healthy and helpful Alternative to over the counter products.

When is a visit to the doctor required?

Ordinary hemorrhoidal dam are – in addition to the typical Burning and itching – in many ways unpleasant: Swell, the vascular cushion, this can lead to a feeling of pressure in the Anus. And also a lubrication of the stool is possible. Both of which is particularly troublesome if you need to during the day, a lot of sitting. Marcus Plonsker, a specialist in proctology, advises the following: the symptoms after self-treatment with a hemorrhoids ointment or suppositories, makes a medical examination to make sense. Especially when your complaints with bleeding (in particular, if you find more fresh blood) go hand in hand.

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