Dry hands by disinfection, So your skin becomes soft and supple again

Actually, it’s the most Normal thing in the world to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly: Due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19-Virus is, however, recommended that the skin for at least 20 seconds to lather and as often as possible – the only way you can protect yourself effectively against infectious diseases. In order to increase the protection, you can disinfect his hands, in addition, on a regular basis. Both exposes the skin to a strong stress test. Because the soap and alcohol-containing disinfectant to grab your natural acid mantle, so that it is brittle and cracked. This not only looks unsightly but can cause the hands from burning, or itching. But there is good news: With proper care, you get painful skin problems in the handle. Which hand creams help, you can find here.

The right hand cream: you should pay attention to

According to Prof. Christian Raulin, a dermatologist from Karlsruhe, you should not in no case to the regular Wash and Disinfect your hands. Instead, you should Supplement your skin care a ointment, which is greasy and still has good moves in. His rule of thumb for correct use is: “Once disinfected, a five-Time lotion”. Here, however, is the question of which hand cream is recommended? Because according Ökotest many over-the-counter products contain questionable ingredients such as petroleum-based greases and waxes, synthetic polymers, or the fragrance material Lilial – in the suspected to be reproductive to be harmful. For this reason, 50 hand creams were tested. While organic cosmetics have been truncated in the first line of products with the grade “very good”:

Test winner

Current Price

1. Cattier White Healing Earth

10,73 EUR

2. Dr. Scheller Calendula

7,99 Euro

3. Weleda Sea Buckthorn

8,65 Euro

4. Sebamed Urea

9,95 Euro

5. Lavera Sensitiv

6,38 EUR

Öko-Test is tips for buying a hand cream

There is a good reason why natural cosmetics is often the better choice – even with hand creams: According to Öko-Test are not permitted to use the manufacturer’s problem substances such as PEG, Paraffins, and silicone, in order to get the appropriate certificate. It is not only your dry hands, but also your health benefit. When buying, make sure that the hand cream:

To prevent dry hands

So you get no dry hands, you can take preventive measures. These include:

As a result, your skin remains consistently smooth and break down less often, if you need to wash your hands more often and disinfect it.

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