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What is a runner’s high?

Have you ever watched a group of exhausted runners limp across a marathon finish line and thought: Why would anyone ever do that voluntarily? Maybe it’s the runner’s high. Ask a runner to explain themselves, and chances are they’ll say something about the fabled runner’s high. But what, exactly, is a runner’s high? How does

Factbox – Latest on the worldwide spread of the coronavirus

(Reuters) – Deaths and infections related to COVID-19 have declined across the Americas for the eighth consecutive week, the Pan American Health Organization said, adding that a very high percentage of hospitalized cases now were unvaccinated people.FILE PHOTO: People wearing face masks are seen at the Kazansky railway station amid the outbreak of the coronavirus

Can a chemokine help protect against bronchial asthma?

The chemokine RANTES, a signal protein that plays a role in causing certain cells from the immune system to migrate into lung tissue, seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease bronchial asthma. This is the conclusion reached by a research group led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Susetta Finotto and doctoral candidate Nina Li

A new breakthrough for treatment of male infertility

With global rates of male infertility continuing to rise, a new study in spermatogonial stem cell research led by researchers at the University of Georgia provides hope for future clinical therapies. The study, which was published recently in Fertility and Sterility Science, is the first to show that functional sperm cells can be made in

Q and A: Immunotherapy and breast cancer

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor mentioned using immunotherapy. What is immunotherapy, and how does it differ from chemotherapy, which I’ve traditionally heard about for treating cancer? ANSWER: Immunotherapy is a newer therapy in the current treatment landscape for breast cancer. It also has been used in treating other

Can I develop a COVID infection from the vaccine?

Q: I’ve heard stories of people getting very sick from the vaccine. If I do decide to get it, do I run the risk of getting COVID-19 from the shot, and what is a typical reaction? A: Due to our body’s immune response to the vaccine—the response to which varies from person to person—it may

Injection to perk up a man's love life

Injection to perk up a man’s love life: Jab of stem cells may offer a new way to tackle erectile dysfunction.. just don’t tell him where it goes! An injection of stem cells may offer a new way to tackle impotence, or erectile dysfunction, which affects up to half of men aged 40 and older.

A new, race-free approach to diagnosing kidney diseases

The two largest national kidney associations—the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and the American Society of Nephrology (ASN)—have outlined a new race-free approach to diagnosing kidney diseases. “As the largest organizations representing kidney patients and health professionals, NKF and ASN are committed to eliminating health disparities that harm kidney patients and ensuring that racial bias does

Researchers identify a mechanism that can help guide the development of new STING-activating drugs using imaging

A new study from scientists at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that emerging drugs that activate the protein STING, a well-established regulator of immune cell activation, substantially alter the activity of metabolic pathways responsible for generating the nucleotide building blocks for DNA. Researchers found that these alterations occur in cancer cells and can

Can a heartburn drug help doctors treat COVID-19?

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors in Wuhan noticed something surprising. Many of the elderly patients who survived the virus were poor: not exactly the demographic you would expect to fare well in a health crisis. A review of the survivors’ medical records revealed that a significant number suffered from chronic heartburn