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Can ancient botanical therapies help treat COVID-19?

A novel study is assessing whether medicinal mushrooms and Chinese herbs provide therapeutic benefit in treating acute COVID-19 infection. MACH-19 (Mushrooms and Chinese Herbs for COVID-19)—a multi-center study led by University of California San Diego and UCLA, in collaboration with the La Jolla Institute for Immunology—is among the first to evaluate these specific integrative medicine

Phone apps can improve caregiver mental health

Those who care for older adults suffering with memory loss and other cognitive impairments can significantly reduce their depression, stress, and anxiety by focusing on what is going on at the moment and engaging in mindfulness therapy, according to new Rutgers research. The study, published in Aging & Mental Health, examined the feasibility, acceptability, and

Can a chemokine help protect against bronchial asthma?

The chemokine RANTES, a signal protein that plays a role in causing certain cells from the immune system to migrate into lung tissue, seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease bronchial asthma. This is the conclusion reached by a research group led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Susetta Finotto and doctoral candidate Nina Li

Can I develop a COVID infection from the vaccine?

Q: I’ve heard stories of people getting very sick from the vaccine. If I do decide to get it, do I run the risk of getting COVID-19 from the shot, and what is a typical reaction? A: Due to our body’s immune response to the vaccine—the response to which varies from person to person—it may

The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight\u2014at a Cost

New diet trends are rarely innovative. The latest weight-loss fads only appear different with their individual set of rules, banned foods or food groups, and daily caps on certain nutrients. The truth is that most diets operate upon roughly the same mechanism: cutting calories. Whether it’s Whole30, Paleo, or Keto, the goal of these diet

What mutant flies can teach us about autoimmune disorders

From founding the field of genetics research to unraveling the mysteries of disease, tiny fruit flies have made a big impact on our understanding of human biology. While it may not look it, the insects share 60% of their genes with humans. Fruit flies have therefore become an important model organism for studying gene function

Can a heartburn drug help doctors treat COVID-19?

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors in Wuhan noticed something surprising. Many of the elderly patients who survived the virus were poor: not exactly the demographic you would expect to fare well in a health crisis. A review of the survivors’ medical records revealed that a significant number suffered from chronic heartburn

Cytotoxic drugs can increase cancer cell resistance

Cancer cells sometimes develop resistance to the cytotoxic drugs used in chemotherapy. Figuring out why the treatment isn’t working and why it may even defeat its own purpose is therefore important to understand. “We haven’t understood very much about how this resistance to chemotherapy develops and even less about how the microenvironment in cancer can

MRI can cut overdiagnoses in prostate-cancer screening by half

Most countries have not introduced nationwide prostate-cancer screening, as current methods result in overdiagnoses and excessive and unnecessary biopsies. A new study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, which is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicates that screening by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and targeted biopsies could potentially cut overdiagnoses by

Face masks that can diagnose COVID-19

Most people associate the term “wearable” with a fitness tracker, smartwatch, or wireless earbuds. But what if you could wear cutting-edge biotechnology in your clothing, and it could warn you when you were exposed to something dangerous? A team of researchers from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and the Massachusetts

Can You Really Use Shaving Cream To Treat A Sunburn?

Summer weather is upon us, and that means beach days, pool parties, and barbeques among plenty of other outdoor activities. We all know that if we plan to spend more than fifteen minutes outdoors, we need to wear a good sunscreen on our faces and bodies (via Harvard Health), but if we’re honest, life sometimes gets in

Leukemia treatment can bait and capture cells in hiding, research shows

The latest method under investigation to attack leukemia is a bit like exterminating cockroaches: It’s a three-step process using cutting-edge technology to bait, trap, and kill leukemia cells at their root. A paper published in Sciences Advances, led by Wilmot Cancer Institute researchers, describes the process and the significance for patients who face acute myeloid