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Same-gender couples interact better than heterosexual couples: study

Same-gender couples have higher-quality interactions with one another than heterosexual couples in Southern California, a new UC Riverside study finds. The study also holds that couples with two men have the smallest social networks. Researcher Megan Robbins says the recently published study is the first to compare same- and different-sex couples’ social networks and daily

Study suggests how, when to support military couples after homecoming

Military couples look forward to joyful celebrations and reunions after long deployments. Difficulties may lie ahead, though, and new research with more than 500 couples in the months after homecoming suggests how and when to help. “Military couples are incredibly resilient,” says University of Illinois communication professor Leanne Knobloch, the lead author of a first-of-its-kind

Can You Die From A Broken Heart? An Expert Weighs In

When cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Nikki Stamp meets her patients for the first time, they often assume she’s the nurse. That’s why she’s making it her mission to challenge gender stereotypes and highlight diversity in a field traditionally dominated by men. Through her role as an ambassador for the global campaign, #ILookLikeASurgeon, she’s been instrumental in