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Here’s What a Bodybuilder Thought After Trying Tom Brady’s Game Day Diet

The 55th Super Bowl is happening this Sunday, and while everyone else is working on getting their list of snack table ingredients, YouTuber Aseel Soueid is going in a different direction. The bodybuilder and fitness influencer regularly tries out the diet plans of some of the world’s fittest athletes, from soccer star Lionel Messi to

Head in the game: Blind soccer players help develop new aids for the visually impaired

Researchers from the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences at the University of Tsukuba studied the way blind players and sighted non-athletes tracked an incoming noise-making ball. They found that blind players employed a larger downward head rotation when trapping the rolling ball, compared with blindfolded sighted volunteers. This work may help explain the methods

Game theory suggests more efficient cancer therapy

Cancer cells not only ravage the body—they also compete with each other. Cornell mathematicians are using game theory to model how this competition could be leveraged, so cancer treatment—which also takes a toll on the patient’s body—might be administered more sparingly, with maximized effect. Their paper, “Optimizing Adaptive Cancer Therapy: Dynamic Programming and Evolutionary Game

Using game technology to treat cognitively impaired children in Africa

Using a game designed for sub-Saharan Africa, Michigan State University researchers are rehabilitating children who suffer from cognitive impairment after surviving life-threatening diseases such as malaria and HIV. Known as Brain Powered Games, the project is the first of its kind, now providing both rehabilitation and computer-based assessment for African children. “The Brain Powered Games

Starbucks' New Dragon Drink is the Perfect 'Game of Thrones' Beverage

Picture this: the eve of battle, enemy forces approaching, the sound of flying dragons tearing through the air, the roaring fires around you your only protection from the dark — and also super dehydrating, am I right? Whether you’re actually getting ready for a fight or just breathlessly watching Game of Thrones, Starbucks has a

Researchers build ‘mirror therapy’ VR game to improve NHS patient experience

A virtual reality therapy game (iVRT) which could provide relief for patients suffering from chronic pain and mobility issues has been developed by a team of UK researchers. Dr. Andrew Wilson and colleagues from Birmingham City University built the CRPS app in collaboration with clinical staff at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust for

Boost kids’ skills and memories with weekly game night

The winter months are an ideal time to turn your attention inward and think of how you can establish something new for your family to do together indoors. If you can find the right thing, perhaps it will become a family ritual. Family rituals contribute to the rhythm and predictability of family life and they

McDonald's Has a Halloween Game

Hold on to your (witch) hats, because we’ve got some news that’ll make you feel like you’re flying high. Starting on Wednesday, McDonald’s is celebrating the spookiest season of the year with a new game. Called "Trick. Treat. Win," it’s similar to Monopoly in that the game pieces come as stickers on your food, and

Children’s violent video game play associated with increased physical aggressive behavior

Violent video game play by adolescents is associated with increases in physical aggression over time, according to a Dartmouth meta-analysis published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Although most researchers on the subject agree that playing violent video games appears to increase physical aggression, a vocal minority continues to dispute this.

McDonald's Monopoly Game Was Rigged, And Twitter Is Obviously Unhappy

Games lose their appeal when you’re playing with someone who cheats. What’s the point? No one likes a cheater, especially when money is involved in the game. According to The Daily Beast, a man named Jerome Jacobson cheated BIG time. He rigged McDonald’s Monopoly for 12 years, defrauding the chain out of more than $24

This Carb Is a Weight-Loss Game Changer

Of course you’ve heard of rice and barley. Even quinoa and millet are a part of your healthy-eating vocabulary. But farro? Now that’s one grain that doesn’t get much of the spotlight, but it should. Though this grain isn’t gluten-free, the nutty-tasting carb is still a healthy whole-grain option for those without celiac disease looking to lose

Condomless anal sex up among gay men following uptake of HIV drug

Game-changing HIV drug PrEP has led to a ‘striking’ fall in the number of gay and bi-sexual men using condoms for sex Number of gay and bi-sexual men having anal sex rose with the use of HIV drug PrEP use rose by 22% over 4 years, while consistent condom use dropped by 15% Importantly, men