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CDC’s New Child Concussion Guidelines Offer Advice On Diagnosis Procedures And Treatment

Updated guidelines address outdated screening practices and new treatments. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a new statement Tuesday outlining updated guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of childhood concussions, Fox News reports. Changing standard diagnosis protocols, the CDC’s new recommendations reportedly advise against routine common methods of diagnosis, like X-rays and

Is Coconut Oil Really That Bad? Let’s Look At The Facts

Coconut oil has been heralded as a healthy alternative and a poison but, which is true? In a recent lecture, professor Karin Michels from the University of Freiburg made the claim that the latest health fad, coconut oil, is “pure poison.” As a previous Inquisitr article points out, Michels is also a professor at the

Source Of Cyclospora Parasite Infections In Texas Still Unknown

State and local health officials continue the search to identify how 56 people got sick with the infection. Health officials in Texas remain baffled after 56 cases of cyclosporiasis have been reported since May. The illness is an infection of the intestines caused by ingesting food or water contaminated with the cyclospora parasite and investigators

New Study Makes Links Between Viruses And Alzheimer’s

It’s a disease the slowly over time robs a person of their memories and eventually their life but as yet, researchers haven’t been able to figure out what causes Alzheimer’s disease, never mind how to stop it or even better, reverse the damage and cure it. Yet in a landmark study that was published in