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Experts Say This Anti-Acne Diet Will Banish Breakouts For Good

You’ve probably heard that eating certain foods can make your acne ten times worse (sup, pizza!). But according to new research, it’s time to put this theory to bed. “Fried foods are often linked to blemishes as people think they cause greasy skin,” explains Pam Smyrnios, beauty and Makeup educator at The Masters Institute of Creative Education. “But

The 15 Best Fat-Burning Foods You Should Add To Your Diet

Cutting back on Ben & Jerry’s and Tostitos = one of the suckiest parts of dieting. But you *can* actually eat more (no more hanger!) and burn fat – if you’re focusing on the right foods. “People will go crazy and cut out whole food groups,” says nutritionist Jess Cording, R.D., “or be really intense

The Surprising Health Benefit Hiding In Turmeric

Turmeric — an Asian spice that gives curry its signature color — has made its mark as a “superfood.” Research has linked the ancient spice to a slew of health benefits, like reducing your risk of prostate cancer and heart disease, fighting bacteria and viruses, and even relieving pain. Most of these benefits are tied back to

The Block's Elyse Knowles Shares Eco-Friendly Beach Habit

Try to track down Elyse Knowles on the weekend, and chances are you’ll find her outside. Camping, motor biking, walking her dog Isla, surfing with partner Josh Barker. “Nature brings a smile to my face,” says the model, entrepreneur and former Women’s Health cover star, who shot to fame after winning reno show The Block