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Can a chemokine help protect against bronchial asthma?

The chemokine RANTES, a signal protein that plays a role in causing certain cells from the immune system to migrate into lung tissue, seems to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the disease bronchial asthma. This is the conclusion reached by a research group led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Susetta Finotto and doctoral candidate Nina Li

Alzheimer’s drug may help maintain mitochondrial function in muscles as it slows cognitive decline

A common treatment for Alzheimer’s disease may help people with the earliest stages of the disease maintain mitochondrial function in their muscles in addition to slowing cognitive decline. The first-of-its-kind study is published ahead of print in Function. Research suggests people with Alzheimer’s disease, a form of cognitive impairment, have mitochondrial dysfunction throughout the body.

The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight\u2014at a Cost

New diet trends are rarely innovative. The latest weight-loss fads only appear different with their individual set of rules, banned foods or food groups, and daily caps on certain nutrients. The truth is that most diets operate upon roughly the same mechanism: cutting calories. Whether it’s Whole30, Paleo, or Keto, the goal of these diet

Can a heartburn drug help doctors treat COVID-19?

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors in Wuhan noticed something surprising. Many of the elderly patients who survived the virus were poor: not exactly the demographic you would expect to fare well in a health crisis. A review of the survivors’ medical records revealed that a significant number suffered from chronic heartburn

Can BOTOX injections help fix incontinence?

‘I am not an old lady in a rocking chair and deserve a social life’… why are so many incontinence patients denied a BOTOX injection that could transform their lives? Four out of ten British women and one in ten men will suffer from incontinence Many sufferers are left housebound out of fear of having

Cytosponge-AI combo could help doctors diagnose Barrett’s esophagus

Cancer Research UK-funded researchers have developed a new technique to help experts diagnose Barrett’s esophagus—a pre-cancerous condition that can increase the risk of developing oesophageal cancer. Published today in Nature Medicine, the study explored how artificial intelligence could help free up pathologists time and allow them to focus on diagnosing the trickiest cases of Barrett’s

Good dental health may help prevent heart infection from mouth bacteria

Maintenance of good oral health is more important than use of antibiotics in dental procedures for some heart patients to prevent a heart infection caused by bacteria around the teeth, according to a new American Heart Association (AHA) scientific statement published today in the association’s flagship journal, Circulation. Infective endocarditis (IE), also called bacterial endocarditis,

Did catching Covid-19 help these patients fight cancer?

Did catching Covid-19 help these patients fight cancer? One saw his tumours vanish, another went into remission. Now doctors are asking if their immune response was key – and if it could also be triggered by the vaccine When doctors at a hospital in Cornwall carried out a follow-up check last summer on a 61-year-old

‘Pain is always a perception’: Physical therapy can help prevent, treat opioid use disorder

When you think of ways to treat opioid use disorder, you might think methadone clinics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. You probably don’t imagine stretches and strengthening exercises. But Anne Swisher—professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine—is working to address opioid misuse in an unconventional way: through physical therapy. She and her colleagues have

New AI platform can help assess vascular diseases

An international team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), Brown University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that could one day be used in a system to assess vascular diseases, which are characterised by the abnormal condition of blood vessels. The AI-powered platform combines

With China’s help, Serbia overtakes EU in vaccine rollout

Inside the dome of Belgrade’s concrete fair hall, dozens of nurses in hazmat suits inject COVID-19 shots into young and old alike, working with an efficiency that has turned Serbia into continental Europe’s fastest vaccinator. The small Balkan country has inoculated more than 450,000 of its population of seven million in almost two weeks, a

Why healthy eating can help you fight COVID-19

Wearing a face covering, physical distancing, and hand washing are not the only ways that people can protect themselves from COVID-19. Eating a healthy diet is essential to building a strong immune system so that your body is less susceptible to infection, including the coronavirus, said Carlin Rafie, a registered dietitian and professor in Virginia