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Mumps study shows immunity gaps among vaccinated people: College-aged study participants received MMR as children

Immunity against mumps virus appears insufficient in a fraction of college-aged people who were vaccinated in childhood, research from Emory Vaccine Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates. The findings highlight the need to better understand the immune response to mumps and mumps vaccines. In the last 15 years, several mumps outbreaks

Supply shortages for vaccines to take probably until October

In the case of the supply of vaccine against measles, it has come to a bottleneck. Currently, a quadrivalent vaccine was not available, was confirmed by a spokesman of the Federal Ministry of health, the “redakion network Germany” (“RND”). According to the spokesman, it is a combination preparation against Mumps, measles, rubella, and Varicella. The

Mumps: A Highly Contagious, Easily Preventable Disease

Mumps is a disease caused by a type of Rubulavirus, which is a genus of the Paramyxovirus family. The viral infection causes the salivary glands at the base and back of the jaw to swell, which causes the jaw and cheeks to become tender and puffy. The disease is highly contagious but easily preventable with

Shaping behavior, not changing minds, more effective in boosting vaccination rates: Doctor reminders, prompts, reducing barriers can lead to more immunizations

A comprehensive review of scientific literature surrounding the psychology of vaccinations has shown that shaping behavior rather than trying to change minds is far more effective at persuading people to get immunized. “There is very little evidence to suggest that we can change people’s beliefs or knowledge in a way that will lead to increased