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Century 21 just announced sad news for bargain shoppers

It’s known as “New York’s Best Kept Secret.” It’s Ross and Marshalls, before Ross and Marshalls became a thing. Century 21 — the iconic New York department store founded by cousins by Sonny and Al Gindi in 1961 — and which became known for their killer selection of designer goods offered at bargain prices is

The sad truth about happiness scales

You might feel sad after looking closer at studies about happiness. That’s because an emotion that’s easy to experience is immensely difficult to measure, says Purdue University economist Timothy Bond. “Happiness research usually asks subjects to rank their happiness on a scale, sometimes with as little as three points: ‘not too happy,’ ‘pretty happy’ and

Research: eye color often for winter depression

Research result: This color increases the risk for the winter Blues If in the autumn and Winter the days are short and mostly grey and rainy, in some people, the so-called winter depression. A researchers from the UK reported that people with a certain eye color are more prone to this disease. Dark and cold