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Costco's Mini S'mores Are The Perfect Late-Night Summer Snack

Now that we’ve gotten a taste of warmer weather, we’re looking forward to all of the safe, socially distant outdoor gatherings we’ve been longing for. One of our favorite summer activities has always been setting up a bonfire as roasting up some delicious gooey s’mores. It’s definitely a seasonal tradition in our book. But if

The Deep Fryers That Make Restaurant-Quality Snacks & Meals

They say balance is the key to a happy life. Whoever “they” are obviously never owned a deep fryer. There’s just something so satisfying about moseying into the kitchen and knowing you have the tools to whip up gooey mozzarella sticks, ballpark-style onion rings and restaurant-quality pizza crust at your disposal. Sure, moms have a

The Best New Snacks to Buy at Aldi Right Now

Aldi has quickly become one of our go-to spots for stocking up on snacks, now that the European chain is rapidly expanding into the US (by 2022 they’ll have almost 2,500 stores here in the US). When you’re at Aldi, you can expect to find great deals on bulk items, specialty foods, and both American

The Best Fall Snacks Available at Trader Joe's

It’s August and not quite fall yet, but we’re already pulling our flannel shirts out of our closets, brewing a fresh batch of fragrant tea and counting down the days until we can grab a PSL at Starbucks (the date is Aug. 28, ICYMI). And Trader Joe’s is well aware of our fall fever.  Trader

7 Of The Best Healthy Snacks, According To A Nutritionist

Snacking often gets a bad rap, as it’s associated with overeating, boredom and procrastination. However, the right kind of snacks can actually benefit health and be the necessary fuel for a productive day ahead. Ideally a snack will contain a source of protein, complex carbs and also healthy fats, if you can also sneak in

7 Healthy Snacks That Will Tame Your Appetite

Snacking, in its essence, is supposed to fill you up. Unfortunately that’s not always the case—that full stack of Pringles that you demolished may leave you wanting more. Some foods are naturally superior when it comes to helping you eat less because of the specific nutrients they contain, the form you eat them in, or

7 High-Protein Snacks That Will Help You Build Muscle

If you want stronger muscles, lifting weights is a good place to start—but your diet makes a huge impact on your gains, too. That’s where protein comes in: the essential macronutrient helps repair the tiny tears strength training creates in your muscles, helping them grow faster. But while loading up on eggs at breakfast and chowing down on chicken

5 Ways Hemp Can Benefit Your Health

ICYMI, Hemp was recently legalised and recognised as a ‘food’ in Australia – long overdue since much of the world has been consuming hemp for decades. It comes from the same species as cannabis but is a totally different variety that yields tiny, nutritious and edible seeds. And coz it contains no psychoactive THC, the only

This Is Exactly How Many Nuts You Should Be Eating Daily

Be it walnuts, pistachios, brazil nuts or almonds, the humble nut always seems to score a mention when superfoods are concerned – and with good reason.  Not only are they packed with nutrients, vitamins and rich in fibre and omega-3’s, they also boast a heap of health benefits (cholesterol-lowering! Blood sugar-balancing! Digestive aid!) to name

9 Keto-Friendly Snacks That Will Actually Keep You Full

The world once demonised fat. But recently, the nutrient is rising above its bad-for-you reputation. That’s just one reason the ketogenic diet is becoming popular again—eating all the fat you want sounds like a great thing, right? But the keto diet also severely restricts the amount of carbohydrates you can eat. Anywhere from 60 to 80 percent

The Best Bedtime Snacks For Weight Loss

When it comes to snacking within an hour or two of your bedtime, there’s a few things to consider: First, research does link late-night calories to the potential for weight gain. One study found that eating right before turning in can make your snooze time more restless, and that sets you up for fatigue and

Post-Workout Snacks You Can Throw in Your Gym Bag

Sure, you always intend on having a post-workout snack. But actually getting snacks to the gym without having them spoil, tip over, or just make a mess is easier said than done. Until now, that is. Pro nutrition coach Georgie Fear, shares the post-workout snacks that she keeps in her gym bag: Dried ApricotsRich in

14 Easy Swaps To Make All Your Meals Healthier

In Genius Foods, my book with coauthor Paul Grewal, M.D., you’ll find an eating plan that’s both nutritious and delicious. Make these easy swaps and watch your weight drop, your brainpower surge, and your tastebuds rejoice. On your salad Shake on …Salted pistachios to take in heart-healthy fats with a satisfying crunch. Not:Croutons. Many packaged