Watch ‘Miss Foot Fixer’ pull out a patient’s ingrown toenail

Gruesome footage captures ‘Miss Foot Fixer’ pulling out an ingrown toenail from a patient’s foot

  • Podiatrist Marion Yau has a patient with a ‘ingrown toe and massive growth’
  • Stomach-churning footage shows her cutting away at the growth with pliers
  • Then removes half of the unnamed patient’s toe after it was ‘hidden’ by growth 

A stomach-churning video has captured the moment a podiatrist pulls out a patient’s ingrown toenail.

Marion Yau chuckles as she describes her patient as having a ‘wonderful ingrown nail with a massive growth on the side’ of his big toe.

The clip shows Ms Yau, who calls herself Miss Foot Fixer, cutting away at the growth with pliers to reveal the bleeding soft tissue underneath.  

Seemingly baffled, the podiatrist prods at the toe before deciding to cut away the half of the nail that was ‘hidden’ by the growth.

After ‘hollowing’ the space out and applying disinfectant, Ms Yau extensively wraps the toe in gauze before sending the patient on his way.  

The unnamed patient presented with an ‘ingrown toenail with a massive growth on the side’

Podiatrist Marion Yau later cut away the half of his nail that had been ‘hidden’ by the growth

Ms Yau, of London’s Harley Medical Foot and Nail Clinic, claims she first saw the unnamed patient in August, when his growth was not as large.

Although she cut away some of the mass then, he returned four-to-five months later, complaining he had been ‘too busy’ to come sooner.   

Ms Yau decided the growth had to be permanently removed and set about cutting it away.  

The patient’s toe had been anaesthetised, with Ms Yau urging him to tell her if he felt any discomfort.

After removing the growth, Miss Foot Fixer mumbled ‘what is going on here?’.

She then prodded the area to uncover where the patient’s soft tissue met his nail. 

Ms Yau then cut away more of his tissue, wiping away any blood with gauze. 

After she had removed almost half of his big toenail, the patient was left with a painful-looking ‘hole’ across his digit.

Ms Yau applied the disinfectant phenol to ‘kill off the root of the nail’ before wrapping his toe in gauze, which she secured with tape. 

It is unknown how the patient is doing now.

Ms Yau, aka Miss Foot Fixer, initially cut away at the growth with pliers

She then prodded the underlying soft tissue to determine where it met the patient’s nail

She ‘hollowed’ out the ‘hole’ left by the growth, cleaning away any blood as she went

The patient was left with a satisfying ‘hole’ where his growth and ingrown nail had been

Ms Yau then applied extensive gauze to his wound, which she secured with tape


An ingrown toenail is a ‘common’ problem that occurs when the nail grows into the toe.

An affected digit may be red, painful or swollen. The nail may also curve into the toe. 

Signs of an infection include pus oozing out of the toe and feeling hot or shivery.

Ingrown nails can usually be treated at home by:

  • Soaking the foot in warm water three-to-four times a day for a few days to soften the skin and stop the nail growing into it
  • Keeping the foot dry for the rest of the day
  • Wearing wide, comfortable shoes
  • Taking painkillers if necessary 

The NHS advises we leave the nail to grow out rather than cutting or picking at it.

If the at-home treatment does not work, or the toe is painful or appears to be infected, see a GP. Patients should also seek the help of a doctor if they have a fever or diabetes.

A foot specialist may then cut away part of the nail or remove it entirely. A local anaesthetic will first be applied to numb the area.

Ingrown toenails can be prevented by:

  • Not cutting nails too short
  • Cutting straight across the nail rather than at the edges
  • Not wearing shoes that are too tight or do not fit properly 

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