Ina Garten's Sheet-pan Hasselback Kielbasa Is the Perfect Oktoberfest Dinner

Fall is here, and as the weather cools down, we’re ready to welcome comfort food back into our lives with open arms. Sure, it’s always sad to say goodbye to the last tomatoes, eggplants, and melons of the season, but that also means that we can finally crank up the temperature on our oven without passing out from heat exhaustion. And while we love Ina Garten’s summer recipes, we have to admit — her fall and winter recipes are really where it’s at. In fact, Garten just shared a recipe on Instagram that’s so easy and tasty, you just might end up making it a weeknight staple until things warm up again in the spring.

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The recipe comes from Garten’s upcoming cookbook Go-To Dinners, which comes out on October 25 and is available for pre-order now

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Garten’s Sheet Pan Hasselback Kielbasa recipe features smoked Polish sausage that’s been sliced Hasselback-style — cut almost all the way through, but still connected. Garten roasts the kielbasa on a sheet pan with wedges of fennel, strips of bell pepper, onions, and a flurry of seasonings including thyme and fennel seeds. She brushes the keilbasa with a honey mustard glaze as it roasts, until it’s golden brown, crispy on the outside, and still juicy within. The slicing technique ensures the sausages really soak up the glaze and get extra-crispy on the edges.

If you have any leftover sausage, Garten suggests adding it to any bean, lentil, or split pea soup that could use some extra flavor, but we somehow doubt there will be leftovers of this flavorful weeknight sheet pan meal.

You can serve the sheet pan meal as is, or add mashed potatoes or buttered noodles (or spaetzle!) for a more substantial dinner. The sausage and veggies would no doubt also be delicious stuffed into a toasted bun to make a sandwich.

However you serve it, this sheet pan kielbasa recipe from Ina Garten is bound to become a fall favorite.

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