The Most Bizarre Things to Ever Happen at a McDonald's

McDonald’s is a beloved fast food chain in many parts of the world. But along with providing reliably cheap and fast food, it can also provide some pretty weird dining-in experiences. Read on to learn the most bizarre things to ever happen in a McDonald’s.

1. I’ll have a bag of money to-go, please

They got more than what they ordered. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A Nashville couple named Greg and Stacy went through the McDonald’s drive-thru to order some breakfast. But instead of finding a couple McGriddles at the bottom of their to-go bag, they found thousands of dollars in cash. The employee who handed the couple the bag of money realized her mistake and followed the couple back to their home. They returned the money and received a hearty ‘thank you’ from the manager.

Next: A woman finds a surprise in her order of chicken wings. 

2. Woman finds a fried chicken head among her wings

That doesn’t seem like an adequate response. | Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty Images

Katherine Ortega was divvying up a box of McDonald’s chicken wings for her children when she found a fried chicken head in the mix. “I noticed that it had a beak and it had eyes,” Ortega told the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, Va. “I screamed.” Ortega called the McDonald’s after she found the head and an employee told her she could return the box for a refund or a new box of chicken wings.

Next: A nine-year-old boy robs two other children.

3. Boy gang robs two 12-year-olds in a Chicago McDonald’s

Children robbing children. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“Police said a group of boys, the oldest among them 17, robbed a 12-year-old boy of his cellphone in a bathroom and a second 12-year-old boy in a different part of a restaurant,” says the Chicago Tribune. Two of the boys involved escaped at the time, but the 14-year-old and nine-year-old who were caught had also recently stolen a car at gunpoint (it was actually a pellet gun).

Next: A couple hears wedding bells under the golden arches. 

4. A couple got married at their favorite fast food restaurant

They are huge fans of the chain. | SWNS TV via Youtube

A UK couple, Joseph and Louise Shapton decided to tie the knot under the golden arches. The Shaptons had their first date at McDonald’s in 2012 and have eaten at the fast food spot three times a week since that day. They’re the first non-employee couple in the UK to hold their reception at McDonald’s. The venue was the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Sarah-Leas’s idea.

Next: Don’t cut in line at McDonald’s.

5. An adult man beat up a teenage girl over a better spot in line

The man punched a teenage girl in the face after he cut her in line. | TkKurikawa/iStock/Getty Images

In 2008, a 16-year-old girl complained about a man cutting her in line at McDonald’s. The complaint turned into an argument and the man punched the teenage girl several times in the face. The suspect left immediately in a red pickup truck, says NBC News. The teenage girl went to the hospital for her injuries and was released shortly after.

Next: Would you like some heroin with that?

6. Heroin in happy meals

Not what you expect in your happy meal. | David Paul Morris/Getty Images

Former McDonald’s employee Shantia Dennis sold heroin in happy meal boxes to drive-thru patrons using the code words, “I’d like to order a toy.” She was busted by undercover law enforcement and was charged with criminal use of a cellphone, delivery of heroin, possession with intent to deliver heroin and possession of heroin and marijuana.

Next: Two men weren’t satisfied with their meals so they broke the windows.  

7. Two men didn’t like their burgers so they trashed the place

They threw a brick through the front window. | Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

Chris Slate and Sean Mosey didn’t like their cheeseburgers so they threw a brick into the front window and concrete through the drive-thru of a Tennessee McDonald’s. A couple employees reported being hit by the flying glass. When the police arrived, they found Mosey lying in the road, shirtless, and with multiple head injuries. When officers asked Slate about the incident, he said that the two had had a few beers and got upset when they realized their cheeseburgers were so “messed up.”

Next: A young girl found something disgusting in her fries. 

8. A young girl found a condom in her fries

The Swiss McDonald’s didn’t comment on how it got there. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

A seven-year-old girl discovered a condom in her happy meal fries from a McDonald’s in Switzerland. Upset, the girl’s mother called the police who investigated where the condom might have come from and whether it posed any health risks to the girl. According to NBC News, the Swiss McDonald’s failed to comment on the incident.

Next: A huge fight broke out.

9. The McDonald’s right between two rival high schools

The restaurant became a battle zone. | Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images

“I worked in a McDonald’s that was between two rival high schools. One night after a basketball game between the two schools, a bunch of kids from the schools come to my McDonald’s. We took about 100 orders in 10 minutes, and once pretty much everyone had gotten their food, a fight broke out between two kids after someone threw a 32-ounce fruit punch, which also stained the ceiling for an entire year. The cook tried breaking it up before the cops showed up and escorted all these kids out of the restaurant,” a McDonald’s employee told Cosmopolitan.

Next: A woman fired her gun at a drive-thru window because something was missing on her burger.

10. A woman shot her gun at a drive-thru window because she didn’t get bacon on her burger

The women was clearly a big fan of bacon. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

On Feb. 10, 2014 at 3:00 AM, Shaneka Monique Torres and her friend ordered a bacon cheeseburger from McDonald’s in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The employees forgot one important ingredient in the bacon cheeseburger: the bacon. After yelling at the McDonald’s employee, Torres whipped out her handgun and fired a round into the establishment. No one was hurt, and Torres was arrested in her home 30 minutes later.

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11. A play place horror story

The parent should definitely be flagged for this one. | Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

“A toddler took off her dirty diaper in our restaurant’s playground area and her mom didn’t do anything to stop her. We had to close the play area to clean all of it but parents still let their kids go in to play in there,” an employee told Cosmopolitan.

Next: Justice was served

12. The Glass-in-Big Mac case

The police officer accused the young employee of a crime. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

In January 2005, police officer John Florio accused 18-year-old McDonald’s employee, Albert Garcia, of putting glass in his burger. A week after the “incident,” Florio pursued a $6 million civil claim against the McDonald’s. Thankfully, Garcia’s lawyers found enough inconsistencies in the officer’s testimonies to set the record straight. “It’s not fair what they did,” said Garcia. “It makes a lot of good officers look bad.”

Next: One woman got incredibly lucky.

13. A woman finds her stolen car in the drive-thru

Luckily the car thief liked her place of work. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Hours after Virginia Maiden filed her missing SUV as stolen, she saw it pull up into the McDonald’s drive-thru where she was working. She called authorities and the car’s driver, Katherine York, was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. There was a male passenger in the car as well, but he was not arrested.

Next: A young man lost a bet. 

14. Someone lost a bet and had to eat 200 chicken nuggets in an hour

This sounds like a very bad idea. | Chris Hondros/Getty Images

“Two guys came through the drive-through at 3 a.m. and ordered 200 chicken nuggets. One of them had lost a bet about football or baseball and had to eat all 200 nuggets in an hour,”  an employee told Cosmopolitan. “We were just switching over to breakfast, and we had thrown out all of our nuggets, so we had to remake an entire order for them.”

Next: A woman claims to have found maggots in her burger patty. 

15. Would you like maggots with that?

Definitely not appetizing. | McDonald’s via Facebook

An Australian McDonald’s customer, Yasmine Batur, claims to have found maggots in her double quarter pounder. Batur said that her dining partner, Michael, had finished his burger prior to her discovery and began to “violently vomit.” She posted a video of her burger on Facebook that showed a few insects squirming around the patty. A McDonald’s spokesperson responded to the incident with: “It’s not possible for this to occur in our restaurants. Our food is cooked at incredibly high temperatures.”

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