This Palette Has A 30,000 Person Waiting List

When in doubt, veer neutral. This is true in terms of attitude, but especially when it comes to your eyeshadow spread. Within a handful of fawn, beige, and deep brown or black tones, lie endless eye makeup possibilities ranging from the demure to the dramatic.

Charlotte Tilbury gets it. We constantly find ourselves reaching for her now-infamous four-pan palettes, which hold a variety of finishes that can be layered for maximum impact. Thrilled wasn’t even the word to fully describe our feelings, when we learned she was launching the Instant Eye Palette, a massive palette filled with twelve shadows spanning the neutral end of the color wheel, ranging from pale shell to inky noir, and every tone in between.

Following the epic success of the pre-sale, where it sold out within hours, the Instant Eye Palette is now not available until the official launch date of 5th October on – however, after this point… once they are gone, they are gone… SO SAVE THE DATE for the best palette in the world!

This article originally appeared on InStyle

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