Woman Self-Inflated Her Breast Implants to Weigh 20 Lbs.: 'I Love Being in Control'

Allegra Cole finally has her breasts as big as she always wanted — but now that they weigh over 20 lbs., they started to get lopsided.

Cole, 44, wants the Botched doctors to fix her breasts’ “symmetry,” but maintain their large size.

Her current breast size is a big change from the first implants she got at age 33, when they were 800 cc’s of silicon.

“People would notice, ‘oh you have nice breasts, they’re full, they’re lovely,’ but I was getting that boob greed a little bit. I wanted them to be fuller, bigger,” she says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of Botched.

Cole then found a website where men could “financially support” women to get breast implants

“The site would cut the check to the doctor and you would just go and get implants,” she explains. “The doctor said he would comfortably put in 700 [cc’s]. When I got the second surgery and I woke up from that, I felt like an elephant was on my chest, and I — I’m getting giddy talking about it right now — loved it, but I still wasn’t as big as I wanted to be.”

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Cole decided to take matters into her own hands, and finally get the breast size she wanted.

“I found out about a doctor that did tissue expanders, where I could expand with saline and grow my implants,” she says. “I love being in control. And I love being in control of my own breast size. I was able to double the size to about 4,000 cc’s in about five months. I am at 4,600 cc’s … I actually have 20-plus lbs. of a weight vest on, but it’s the cutest weight vest you’ve ever had, I promise.”

Now Cole, who says she does plenty of upper body and core work to support her chest, needs the doctors’ help.

“After the expanders were put in I did notice that my left side sat a little bit higher and was firmer. The more that I increased the size, the more that it was apparent,” she says. “So what I would love the doctors to do is fix the symmetry. I’ll be the poster child for extreme surgery, but still wear it well, and that has been my whole mission all along anyway.”

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