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Trial questions benefits of organic nitrates for bone health

Several clinical trials have reported beneficial effects of organic nitrates on bone health, which could lead to a reduced risk of fractures. Some of these trials have been retracted because of scientific misconduct; however. A new study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found that organic nitrates do not have clinically relevant

Breast cancer drug can delay progress of prostate cancer

Trials found that prostate cancer in men who had taken olaparib took more than seven months to progress. In comparison it progressed after three and a half months in men who received just hormone treatments. Considered kinder than chemotherapy, final results from the trial should lead to the drug’s approval for prostate cancer treatment in

Treatment Abroad: Trust your Health to Specialists

Treatment in Israel, Germany, the USA, South Korea, and many other countries is considered especially relevant. Such popularity is primarily associated with the developed capabilities of foreign institutions and clinics. While having serious illnesses, many people prefer to undergo treatment in European countries, since the doctors there are highly qualified and use the latest high-tech