Rihanna’s Booty Pic Is Inspiring Fans to Stop Shaving and Embrace Stretch Marks

Rihanna cannot wait for summer, and understandably so. Those of us living in the sad, cold winter states faced three Nor’easters this season and it’s incredibly safe to say that like RiRi, we are #overit.

But the Barbados native seems to have found warmer weather somewhere. On Wednesday, the pop star-turned-fashion and beauty entrepreneur shared sexy bikini shots of herself sunbathing.

when u can’t wait for summer.

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At first swipe, we noticed only RiRi’s gorgeous natural long locks, plus that wild animal-print bottom, which looks a lot like several Charlie By MZ pieces she wore a few years back. In the comments, fans of course were quick to praise her, writing things like, “Does she just open a camera and it’s an automatic good angle,” and “You so hot.”

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But apparently, some eagle-eyed fans also spotted a bit of hair, speculating that Rihanna didn’t shave her legs for the photo opp. “ l love the fact that her legs are hairy!” one commenter wrote, with another adding, “When you can’t shave your legs #nohate.”

Fans on Twitter reacted to the shot as well, inspiring some to declare what we suggest should be called #NoShaveSummer.

To us, the backlit photo isn’t all that hairy (doesn’t it just look a healthy layer of peach fuzz?), but we’re all for RiRi fans embracing their body hair.

Better yet, Rihanna’s gram also inspired fans to be body positive. Some followers noticed lines on her behind that they’re calling stretch marks, again praising RiRi for flaunting her body in all its natural glory.

“Thank you for not editing these pictures and taking out your stretch marks,” one fan wrote, with others adding, “Look at them beautiful stretch marks” and “Them stretch marks though.”

Others weren’t convinced, writing that the sunlight had created an illusion.

So what’s the verdict? After a fan called out the lines on her butt, Rihanna herself chimed in, confirming that while she indeed has marks, we’re simply looking at the sun’s rays in the photo. “I got stretch marks but dats the sun,” she wrote.

#Rihanna out here showing off her assets and they’re grreeeeaaatttt!

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Regardless, the fact that she’s inspired over 3 million people who’ve liked the photo to a) stop shaving and b) accept their body image is pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves.

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