Children’s books released in November 2019

From a tale about a confused cat to amazing inventions in the field of medicine, here's what children's books released in November 2019 have in store for kids.

From picture books to poems, you could pick from a range of children’s books published in November 2019 for your kids. Choose a book appropriate for your child’s age from the list:

Kayu’s World is Round by Lavanya Kapahi (Age 4+)

This picture book illustrated by Aditee Deore revolves around Kayu who lives in his quiet world filled with circles and related patterns. But what happened when he sees a cricket ball spin and curve before hitting the bat? Published by Tulika Publishers

Crocodile Teeth by Bharat Shekhar (Age 4+)

Illustrated by Soumya Menon, this book is about a crocodile who is left with no teeth now that he is old. He is sick of being laughed at and being hungry. Published by Tulika Publishers

Anya and Her Baby Brother by Jerry Pinto (Age 5+)

As the title suggests, this book is about Anya who has been pouting and shouting ever since the arrival of her baby brother who is a special child. Published by Tulika Publishers

Tail Tale by Anushka Ravishankar (Age 6+)

Ravishankar’s verse describes an absurd case of a confused cat who is in search of a new tail, illustrated by Tushar Vayeda and Mayur Vayeda. Published by Tara Books

Darkless by Tanu Shree Singh (Age 5+)

Ani’s life is full of darkness. His friends were by his side but he pulled away from them. The book is illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat. Published by Puffin

From Leeches to Slug Glue by Roopa Pai (Age 12+ )

Did you know that it wasn’t a surgeon but a fifteenth-century Italian artist who contributed to the study of human anatomy? This book uncovers the evolution of medicine, tracing 2,500 years of human history and development in the field of health and healing. Published by Puffin

The Golden Eagle by Deepak Dalal (Age 8+)

On a moonlit night, Shikar, the squirrel, asks his doves Lovey and Dovey to narrate a story to him. The doves recount their time at Stork-pur, a mysterious bird commune. Published by Puffin

What Did the Monster Child Eat Today? by Sampurna Chattarji (Age 4+)

Illustrated by Vibha Surya, the book employs hyperbole to bring a child’s imagination to life, leaving the readers chuckling. Published by Karadi Tales

Children’s books released in October 2019

Star Struck by Lavanya Karthik (Age 7+)

In this book, the author takes you on a delightful journey in verse through all astrological signs. The book is illustrated by Abhilasha Dewan along with Karthik. Published by Karadi Tales

The Spark that Changed Everything by Veena Prasad (Age 11+)

This book takes you through some exciting inventions and ground-breaking ideas over the years through pictures and incredible facts. Published by Hachette

The Mad and Magical World of Sukumar Ray translated by Sreejata Guha (Age 11+)

Celebrated Bengali author Sukumar Ray was known for his nonsense verse. This book is a collection of his works, translated into English. Published by Hachette

The Story of Kalidas: The Gem Among Poets by Nandini Sengupta (Age 5+)

This narrates a delightful tales of Kalidas as a yooung boy who was constantly bullied. But a twist of fate lands him inthe king’s palace in Kashi. The book has been illustrated by Rituparna Sarkar and Hitesh Sonar. Published by Goodearth

The Story of Karna: The Great Giver by Shumita Sharma Deveshwar (Age 4+)

Illustrated by Pia Alize Hazarika, the books follows the journey of a brave boy who fights odds to achieve his dreams. He emerges a hero in the end. Published by Goodearth

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