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As a working mom, me-time is a myth: Rachel Goenka

"It is vital to maintain a routine for your child. It makes him feel more secure and helps you to create a better work-life balance," said Rachel Goenka. By Shilpi Madan A chef par excellence and a loving mom, she has her raison d’ etre in little Kabir, whom she raises with her husband Karan.

Quiz games: Ask your child these questions this weekend

Quiz questions: This weekend, try asking your child these questions and see if they can guess the answers. Planning to spend quality time with kids this weekend? Why not play a quiz with them? Try asking your child these questions and see if they can guess the answers. Q.1. In 1928, Palle Huld 15-year-old, red-haired

Children’s books released in November 2019

From a tale about a confused cat to amazing inventions in the field of medicine, here's what children's books released in November 2019 have in store for kids. From picture books to poems, you could pick from a range of children’s books published in November 2019 for your kids. Choose a book appropriate for your

6 developmental activities for babies

Once your baby is at least a few months old, you can begin to tell stories as part of the bedtime routine. Make your baby sit on your lap and keep a children's picture book in front. Point out the illustrations to your baby and allow him to touch the book or flip a page.

‘Better sleep, less screen time can reduce impulsivity in kids’

Impulsivity is also a core component of disorders like ADHD, eating disorders, substance abuse and other behavioural disorders. If the child struggles with depression, impulsivity can increase pose greater risk to his or her safety. Is your child’s behaviour erratic? It could be controlled by reduced screen time and a good night’s sleep, as per

How to adopt positive parenting habits

Spare time to have a conversation with your child to explore his/her understanding of things. Disregarding their feelings makes them feel unwanted and causes negative effects. By Samira Gupta The most challenging task for parents of today’s modern world is to acquire a good parenting style. Parents usually follow their own upbringing for bringing up

Have you already decided your baby’s career path?

There are quite a few parents who decide the playgroup their baby will join based on the likelihood of them getting into the right pre-school, which will train them for the right school and to the right college, which they hope will lead them to the right career. By Akhil Shahani When I was born

Blessed be the fruit: Mrs. Waterford is pregnant IRL

May the Lord open… the URL to Yvonne Strahovski’s Instagram feed so you may behold her baby bump bounty. The Handmaid’s Tale actor announced the good news on Friday that she is pregnant with a very sweet belly pic. I am very excited to finally be able to share my special news – I’m going

How to raise a child in a gender neutral environment

Stripping the space of anything gendered is a poor solution, says Suzanne Tick, who has written about gender identity in design. It would be better to fill the room with materials and toys that encourage engagement and play. By Michael Tortorello Elliot Claire: What kind of baby name is that? A girl’s name? A boy’s

Are you ready for Positive Parenting?

The idea of Positive Parenting is gaining momentum worldwide, with the focus on training and learning rather than punishing. By Shaira Mohan There’s a couple I know who I admire greatly for their unique parenting style. For two people who are constantly on the opposite sides of the net when it comes to parenting decisions

Why yelling isn’t the best way to discipline your child

Scolding or spanking children can impact their cognitive and emotional development.  Parents yelling at and punishing their children in order to discipline them isn’t exactly a rare sight in our country. Parents, more often than not, tend to get impatient and exhausted with their children’s unruly behaviour. In such cases, their best resort to teach