Guess Which Celeb Mom Has Words About Mommy Wine Culture?

Busy Philipps isn’t one to keep her cards close to her chest. Philipps — the longtime BFF of actor Michelle Williams — dished to Parents magazine in her cover story for the November issue about motherhood, marriage and body image. 

As usual, the always-candid Philipps didn’t hold back. She said she and husband Marc Silverstein are "just trying to hold it together" when it comes to raising their two daughters, Birdie, 10, and Cricket, 5.

“I call myself the all-over-the-place, doesn’t-have-a-plan mom. Is that a parenting philosophy?” she quipped. “Our family has no absolute rules about screen time or sugar or anything. Marc and I were raised that way, and we turned out fine.”

There is one parenting mindset that drives her crazy, though: Moms who say they require alcohol to handle their kids.

“This may be controversial, but I’m just going to say it: I’m so fucking over the culture of mommy wine and glasses that say ‘Mommy juice,’” Philipps said. “You go to a preschool birthday party at 10 a.m., and it’s like, ‘Does anyone want a wine cooler?’ Um, no, girlfriend. I want to make sure my daughter doesn’t fall off this play structure. It’s such a weird thing!”

Philipps admits she’s not opposed to drinking — just the attitude of needing booze to get through the day with kids. “If you know me at all, you know I love a good margarita," she said in the interview. "I just don’t think the two things need to be tied together. I’m the best mom when I’m sober.”

And on the topic of her marriage to Marc Silverstein, Philipps was blunt about her disappointment in her husband after their first child arrived.

“He was not understanding how to be a dad and, in fact, didn’t try. I was parenting by myself,” she said. “When I told him I wanted to have a second child, he said, ‘Fine, but it’s all on you.’ That was so heartbreaking.”

Philipps added, “Marriage is always hard, but especially when you have kids… You’re going to go through periods when you’re not into it, but there always has to be one person willing to fight. I went to Marc several times and said, ‘I cannot do this anymore. Something has to change, and it’s you.’“

“We’ve had a lot of serious discussions and counseling, and he’s incredibly participatory now in a way I don’t think he could’ve imagined before. We’re a work in progress but trying our best, and that’s the most you can do.”

And don’t even get her started on loving her postpartum body just the way it is. Uh-uh. Busy don’t play that.

“I’m able to intellectually appreciate the fact that my body has done a truly incredible thing, but I don’t love the extra skin,” she said. “People say, ‘Wear it like a badge!’ Um, yeah, that doesn’t speak to me. I’d rather have a flat stomach.” Fair enough.

Philipps is aware, though, that she’s a body image role model for her girls, and needs to be careful. “I want to lead by example. Weighing myself wasn’t helpful for my mental state, so I stopped doing that a couple of years ago. Now, I just try to make healthy, balanced choices and don’t call any food ‘bad,’” Philipps said. “My girls see me exercise, but they also see me eat nachos. I think both are important.”

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