Kids and Parents Alike Are Swooning Over Legoland's Apple Fries, and Same, TBH

Healthy-ish (adjective): a word used to describe a food that’s wholesome at its core but is made ever-so-slightly less nutritious by added ingredients or cooking methods. Our personal favorite example of this term? One of the most popular treats at Legoland, Granny’s Apple Fries. This scrumptious snack is exactly what it sounds like: a green Granny Smith apple is chopped into slivers and deep-fried to make for a kid-approved alternative to french fries. Um, yeah — our stomachs are suddenly grumbling, too.

The signature dessert has been a staple at the Legoland in both California and Florida for quite some time, but it looks like some theme park newbies are just now learning of its glorious existence. The apple strips aren’t just lightly battered and deep fried — they’re also coated in cinnamon and sugar and served with a hearty swirl of vanilla-flavored whipped cream. Oh, and you also have the option to get warm caramel dip or ice cream on the side, and holy smokes, are you drooling yet?

One passionate Yelp reviewer described Granny’s Apple Fries as “sinfully delicious,” while another wrote that they were “life-changing.” Consider us sold! See a few snaps of the scrumptious, crave-inducing treat ahead — you’ll definitely feel the need to book a family vacay to Legoland this Summer once you’re done.

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