Get ready to squeal

Khloé Kardashian is raining baby True videos on our blessed heads, and we’re loving every second of it.

On Tuesday, Kardashian shared brand-new video of her 7-week-old baby daughter — even capturing the cutest sneeze on record (yes, someone contact the Guinness Book of World Records, please — this is legit).

The two new clips were uploaded by Kardashian to her Instagram Story, and you can hear it in her voice that she is utterly enamored with her baby girl. “Baby True! Who is the cutest little munchkin?” Kardashian coos to True — who is sporting the most adorable and/or ridiculous pink ballerina outfit you have ever seen.

Kardashian continues, “Hey, mama! Hi, baby True. Lookin’ like a little lady.” And then comes the sneeze heard ’round the world.

Fans have been loving the True pics and videos since May 12, one month to the day after True (daughter of NBA star Tristan Thompson) was born. True’s debut was a video of her peering up at the camera with a flower filter. On Friday, Kardashian also Snapchatted a photo of “Mommy’s little love,” and on May 29, she sweetly tweeted that True is her BFF for life: “I sometimes still can’t believe I’m a mommy!!! I’m so so thankful for such a blessing!! True is the sweetest ever! I got my bestie for life!”

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Do we know what’s happening yet between Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian in the wake of Tristan’s cheating scandal? Not exactly. Kardashian did post a shot on social media of a quote that said, “You can be a good person, with a beautiful spirit, and still possess the authority to tell someone: ‘You got me f—ed up.’” Mysterious or not quite? Either way, you tell ’em, Koko.

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