Safe & Sensitive Baby Formulas for Happier Tummies

Whether you’re choosing to bottle feed or just want something to supplement breastfeeding,  it can be tricky to find the right formula for your little one that won’t upset their tummy and will nourish them at the same time. If your newborn has a super sensitive stomach, you’ll want to make sure you have a formula specific to their needs. Sensitive baby formulas will most likely be clearly labeled as such on the container, so it’s easy to shop for it.

The beauty of sensitive baby formulas is that they’ll offer all the nutrition they need while making sure their tummy is happy and healthy — that way, you won’t have any messy diaper blowouts to look forward to later due to a formula that tears up their stomach. These formulas are particularly great for babies who are sensitive to lactose, so they can help reduce gas and fussiness. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best sensitive baby formulas so they can stay healthy and happy.

1. Mama Bear Sensitive Formula

As a mom, you want the best for you newborn, which means it can be stressful to make the right decisions. If you have a little one who might be lactose intolerant to breastmilk, then this sensitive baby formula could help out. It doesn’t have any artificial growth hormones and it’s non-GMO, so you can have peace of mind that it’s healthy and safe for them to eat.

2. Happy Baby Organics

Gas and fussiness are simply two realities of having a baby. As precious as they are, they come with a lot of mess. When it comes to feeding them, milk can oftentimes upset their tummies, so you’ll need to call in a sensitive baby formula when needed. This organic option is made with four times the normal amount of prebiotics, which help promote healthy gut bacteria. It also reduces lactose by 75 percent to help alleviate an unhappy stomach.

3. Similac Formula

If you have a baby with a constantly upset stomach, then you’ll want to stock up on sensitive baby formula so you never run out. This formula is non-GMO and offers plenty of nutrients for brain and eye development. It also can help boost immunity for their overall health benefits. It also doesn’t have any artificial growth hormones, so you can be sure they’re not ingesting anything that may be harmful.

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