These C-Section Recovery Panties Offer Support Around the Entire Torso

No matter how your baby comes into this world, your body requires a recovery period. But keep in mind that vaginal delivery and cesarean procedures are two very different experiences in which C-section recovery is typically longer and more intense. This is because during a cesarean, either a horizontal or vertical incision is made in the abdominal wall, and a second incision is made in the uterus to deliver your baby. Ergo, granting your body the time it needs to recover (roughly six weeks), and the right tools — like C-section recovery panties that will lend that sensitive area some extra TLC — are key to the healing process. 

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Unfortunately, in addition to feeling sore from the incision, new moms who’ve undergone a C-section will also experience lochia, a vaginal discharge not unlike menstruation that begins heavy but gradually reduces in the three to four weeks post-delivery. This is where C-section panties come in handy, as they take on multiple functions amidst recovery from providing extra padding during the uncomfortable bleeding to offering compression that can not only reduce swelling, but that will also help reshape your stomach back to its pre-baby physique. C-section recovery panties are also just way more comfortable than bikini bottoms, or underwear whose waistlines are particularly snug or pinching. Trust us, you’ll want to stock up on these pairs post-surgery.

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1. UpSpring Baby C-Panty

Moms love this panty for its ultra chic look and sleek feel under clothes; OB/GYNs love them for their medical-grade compression that speeds up recovery. Essentially, this pair of C-section recovery panties is the all-in-one solution you’re looking for post-delivery. It features a medical-grade, highly durable (and washable!) silicone panel right at the incision to help minimize scarring, itchiness and chance of infection. The panty is free of hooks, straps or velcro, and is high-waisted to not only keep your incision safe and clean, but to also reduce overall swelling and support weakened muscles.

2. Kindred Bravely C-Section Recovery Underwear

When you’ve just undergone a C-section, you’ll want a pair of underwear that hikes up higher than the incision, not one whose waistline lies on top of it. These recovery panties are ultra-high waisted, and hit around the lower end of your ribcage. Made of rayon and spandex, each pair provides a soft, cozy feel in combination with light compression that supports your sore abdominal and back muscles. Available in assorted color packs, these C-section recovery panties also feature a delicate lace detail so they feel a little less like granny panties.

3. Hcaixing High Waist Tummy Control Panties

Most C-section recovery panties on the market resemble your average piece of shapewear, but if you’re looking for something a little more fashionable, these high-waist styles should do the trick. Made from a soft, breathable cotton that yields moderate support where it matters most, these panties are ideal for both new moms heading back into the workforce and stay-at-home moms looking for undergarments that make them feel a little less like a hospital patient.

4. iloveSIA High Waist Underwear

Most postpartum undies don’t serve a purpose past 12 months post-delivery, but we can assure you you’ll get plenty of wear out of these panties. The undergarment is marketed as a three-in-one shapewear item that features four light steel “bones” around the waist to assist in reshaping and restructuring your body, as well as a cotton crotch lining and butt lifting technology. It serves as a waist trainer, butt lifter and C-section recovery aid, however it might be in your best interest to speak to your doctor to figure out if slipping into an iloveSIA panty soon after delivery is best for your body.

5. Cauniss High Waist C-Section Recovery Panties

This panty is the best everyday pair for post-Cesarean deliveries. Like any good C-section recovery panty, the waistline rises way above your incision and covers your belly button. They’re made from 95 percent high-quality combed cotton and feature a double-layered cotton crotch for optimal comfort. What’s more, these panties come in actual colors, so while neutrals are nice and obviously a staple in your wardrobe, on the days you’re feeling a little more energized, slip on a pair of blue or pink.

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