Which foods might stop your brain from shrinking?

As we age, our brains tend to shrink in volume — “at a rate of around 5 percent per decade after age 40,” to be more precise. And the more they shrink, the more this seems to affect an individual’s cognitive abilities. However, there may be ways of maintaining a healthy brain volume, even as

The truth about juicing

(HealthDay)—Between juice bars and high-powered home juicing machines, drinking your fruits and veggies has certainly gone mainstream. Depending on the specific mixes you sip—a vegetable blend, for instance—juice can be a filling snack when you’re on the go. But is juicing a way to lose weight and boost health? Some juicing proponents claim that your

Microglia are key defenders against prion diseases

Prion diseases are slow degenerative brain diseases that occur in people and various other mammals. No vaccines or treatments are available, and these diseases are almost always fatal. Scientists have found little evidence of a protective immune response to prion infections. Further, microglia—brain cells usually involved in the first level of host defense against infections

Baby Legend is here — but is his name "Urban"??

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s adorable family just got a little bigger. Teigen announced Wednesday May 16 that their second child, a baby boy, had arrived: “Somebody’s herrrrrrre!” she tweeted, tossing up some baby-bottle-emoji confetti for good measure. Teigen is the ultimate multitasker. In addition to being the coolest mom on the playground, she hosts

Sandals So Comfortable You Can Wear Them All Day

Every year, as soon as the temperatures start rising and the sun comes out, so do the sandals. They’re cute and let you skip the step of putting socks on in the morning (bonus: less laundry) and are usually pretty versatile.  But sandals can also be extremely uncomfortable. All those buckles and straps and pieces

Bleeding tongue: Causes, treatments, and remedies

The most common causes of a bleeding tongue include: sudden harsh biting of the tongue mouth sores injuries from dentures or braces eating sharp or hard foods radiation treatment for cancer This article provides a brief overview of the possible reasons for a bleeding tongue, how to diagnose and treat the condition, and when it

Big data from world’s largest citizen science microbiome project serves food for thought: How factors such as diet, antibiotics and mental health status can influence the microbial and molecular makeup of your gut

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine and collaborators have published the first major results from the American Gut Project, a crowdsourced, global citizen science effort. The project, described May 15 in mSystems, is the largest published study to date of the human microbiome — the unique microbial communities that inhabit our

IgG antibodies activate blood platelets and contribute to the severity of anaphylaxis

The most severe allergic reaction, anaphylaxis (or anaphylactic shock), is the result of an inappropriate immune reaction following the introduction of a usually harmless antigen into the body. The production of antibodies against this antigen (or allergen) allows the formation of antibody-antigen complexes that trigger a massive secretion of potent mediators, resulting in organ failure,

Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis in Women Spikes 50% in Less Than a Decade

Women are drinking more, and they’re paying for it with their health. Drinking rates among women have risen in recent decades, and now they’re getting hit with related complications in higher numbers. These are the findings of a seven-year study published in the medical journal Hepatology. The study followed more than 100 million privately insured

The accidental discovery of stem cells

Till knows of what he speaks; it was almost 60 years ago that the renowned University of Saskatchewan graduate, along with a colleague, found something unexpected in research results that simply could not be ignored. Although they did not know it at the time, the two scientists were on the path to discovering stem cells

Sex bias kills 240,000 infant girls in India yearly: study

Almost a quarter-of-a-million girls younger than five die in India every year due to neglect resulting from society’s preference for sons, a gender discrimination study found on Tuesday. This was over and above those aborted simply for being female, researchers wrote in The Lancet medical journal. “Gender-based discrimination towards girls doesn’t simply prevent them from

Dal epidemiologist shows probiotics prevent C. difficile in hospital

Hospitalized patients at high risk for C. difficile infection—a species of bacterium with symptoms that range from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of a colon—should be recommended probiotics, says Dr. Bradley Johnston. An associate professor in the Department of Community Health & Epidemiology at Dalhousie Medical School, Dr. Johnston led a meta-analysis comparing data from 18

Nineteen people have died in the latest Ebola outbreak

Nineteen people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak after health officials warned it may be the ‘worst’ epidemic yet Nineteen people are thought to have passed away due to the virus  Thirty-nine cases have been suspected, probable or confirmed since April 4  The WHO is ‘very concerned’ and preparing for ‘the