Chrissy Teigen’s “Headband of the Day” Series Is the Only Thing You Need to Watch Today

If you need to kill some time at the office before the weekend arrives, boy, do we have some content for you: Chrissy Teigen, a veritable headband connoisseuse, has been meticulously documenting each and every headband she's worn for the past two weeks. Called (duh) "Headband of the Day," the entire series is available on her Instagram. The riveting saga begins with Teigen welcoming her followers to gaze upon all the headbands she wears to work out. First up, a colorful printed number with bold lines and a black background. "Just wanted to update you all on my headband," she says in the next video, in which she shows off a white floral one at a restaurant while John Legend says "ooh la-la" in the background.

As the series continues, Legend makes guest appearances as an honorary headband commentator. "OK, in this episode of 'what headband is Chrissy wearing,' despite these dog ears, you can see that it's very jungle-inspired," he says in the next video. "She's got green, orange, specks of gray and white, it's gorgeous." He even comes up with a theme song — "Headband of the day/ It's the headband of the day/ Push your locks away/ It's the headband of the day," — which he reprises several times as the true magnitude of Teigen's headband collection is revealed.

This being the golden age of #sponcon, naturally, some fans were concerned as to the authenticity of Teigen's headband enthusiasm. Turns out, it's totally genuine. "Not an ad! All my own headbands I’ve collected through the years," she tweeted. "I just always want to wear headbands to events and no one ever lets me so I am FREE now to do ALL THE HEADBANDS I WANT."

She also cleared up that her love for headbands has nothing to do with aesthetics. "I don't either," she replied when a fan tweeted her, saying they don't look good in headbands. "They make my forehead even bigger. I look like a moron. That is why it's so fun. Do it." Sounds like great inspo for your weekend lewks.

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