Victoria’s Secret Model Lais Ribeiro Has Stretch Marks And Fans Are Loving It

With their long legs, slim frames, toned physiques and glossy hair, it’s almost impossible for us mere mortals to replicate a Victoria’s Secret model’s genetic makeup. But some keen-eyed followers have found a completely relatable feature on Brazilian supermodel and this year’s wearer of the coveted Fantasy Bra, Lais Ribeiro.

A fan account on Instagram has posted an image of the 27-year-old during the 2018 Victoria’s Secret show in Shanghai in which you notice small stretch marks on her thighs.

“She is a human, like you and me,” the caption says. “She have stretch marks like all the girls! And that’s not ugly. Stretch marks are beautiful. Love your body! It’s the only [one] you will have.”

And while some commenters said the account was body shaming the mum-of-one, plenty of others were loving the image.

“Lais Ribeiro has stretch marks on her ass and y’all have no idea how good it makes me feel about mine,” Lana Del Poe wrote on Twitter.

“That is my favorite part of the photo,” said another user.

“I truly think that every natural mark or scar tells a story and makes human body even more beautiful and interesting!” added another supporter.

Last year, the iconic underwear brand was also applauded for releasing an unretouched image of model Jasmine Tookes that showed stretch marks on her upper thigh.

And while the company has a fair way to go when it comes to promoting body diversity, it’s heartening to see a few more normal and natural attributes appearing on their runway. 

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