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The Internet Is Losing It Over This ASOS Model's 'Back Rolls'

When it comes to embracing diversity, ASOS is doing something seriously right. Not only was the online retailer previously applauded for refusing to retouch one of their model’s stretch marks, it recently announced plans to make its website more inclusive by featuring snaps of different sized women in the same dress. But if that wasn’t

This Aussie Trainer's Before And After Pics Are Seriously Inspiring

Name: Sami Rose Age: 31 Occupation: Personal Trainer/Online Coach Hometown: Brisbane Highest weight: 75kg Lowest weight: 49.9kg Current weight: 62-64kg What prompted you to start your health and fitness transformation, was there a particular moment or realisation? Initially I began my weight loss journey when I realised how uncomfortable and self-conscious I felt after gaining weight