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Exclusive: Issa Rae Is Getting Into the Hair-Care Game

Issa Rae serves looks, honey. Admit it, you've screenshotted images of her on Insecure and taken them to your hairstylist. Don't be ashamed, you're in good company. And if you are as obsessed with her hairstyles on and off her Emmy-nominated HBO series, you'll probably be quite interested in this piece of news — the

Samantha Armytage Reveals How She Lost 10kgs In 4 Months

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage has revealed she’s lost 10 kilograms over the last four months and is feeling stronger and healthier than ever before. The 42-year-old is the new WW ambassador and credits the program with not only helping her reach a weight loss goal, but prioritise her health too. Something that’s been on the back

What celebrity trainers do differently (that you can do, too)

Before personal trainer Luke Zocchi got his hands on Chris Hemsworth, the actor was “skinny-fat”. “He had a bit of puppy fat still – he wasn’t completely amazing,” Zocchi, an amateur boxer-turned-trainer, says about his client and lifelong friend. “He looked a bit 'skinny-fat'. I took him from skinny and fat to … shredded.” Luke Zocchi

Kaley Cuoco Shuts Down Critics Of Her Latest Workout Outfit

Not only is Kaley Cuoco fronting up at the gym just three weeks after shoulder surgery, the Big Bang Theory star is shutting down haters with equally impressive tenacity. The 32-year-old recently shared a series of videos from her one-arm workouts, but some critics could only focus on her outfit or, in their opinion, lack

Sarah Hyland Puts Her #ScarsOnDisplay With Inspiring Bikini Snap

Sarah Hyland has revealed the scars that have come from her lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia in an inspiring bikini selfie. The Modern Family star shared a snap from her recent 4th of July celebration with the empowering hashtag #ScarsOnDisplay. While there were some body shaming comments (naturally, this is the internet after all) there were

Selena Gomez’ Workout Hack Is Pretty Genius

If there’s one person that can make anything look stylish it’s Selena Gomez. Case in point: the star was spotted at Disneyland over the weekend wearing a pair of ankle weights and we’re officially on board. The 25-year-old was pictured rocking the ultimate 80s-inspired look with a puffy red jacket, black leggings, chunky silver hoops, white

Drew Barrymore Shut Down Body-Shaming Stranger

Drew Barrymore has recently shared her epic response to a stranger who congratulated her on a non-existent pregnancy. The topic came up during The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable discussion about women in comedy, which also featured Rachel Brosnahan, Alison Brie, Tracee Ellis Ross, Debra Messing, Molly Shannon and Frankie Shaw. “I’d gained a bunch of weight, and I

Victoria Beckham's Birthday Cake Is Dividing The Internet

There are a few universal truths about having a birthday: You’ll get some presents, snag a free coffee at Starbucks, and enjoy a piece of cake. Which is why the world was really confused by Victoria Beckham’s Instagram video on Tuesday showing off her birthday cake…that definitely wasn’t cake. Instead, Victoria, who turned 44 on

Samara Weaving On Hot Yoga And Hitting Career Goals

When 26-year-old Samara Weaving was cast as Penelope in acclaimed film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, she did a double take. “I feel like a fraud,” she laughs. “I see the list of names – Woody Harrelson, Frances McDormand, Peter Dinklage – and I’m like, ‘Surely they made a mistake.’” A mistake? No chance. This