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Thousands risking blindness because they don't use eye drops properly

Thousands of Britons are risking blindness because they do not use their eye drops properly, warn experts It is essential to apply pressure to inner corner of eye when squirting in liquid Otherwise the medication could drain out of the eye, rendering it ineffective But experts say specialists are failing to relay this, causing patients

Don’t Get Conned by ‘Plant-Based Butter’

As if the supermarket weren’t already confusing enough, there’s now something strange afoot in the butter section. Specifically, plant-based butter. Last year Country Crock announced the release of Country Crock Plant-Butter, joining a slew of other products such as Miyoko’s Cultured Vegan Butter, Melt Vegan Butter, and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! It’s Vegan

Too Many Kids Still Get Antipsychotics They Don’t Need

SUNDAY, Nov. 15, 2020 — Prescriptions of antipsychotic medications for young children are declining, a new study finds. However, doctors are continuing to prescribe the drugs “off-label” for kids with conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression and conduct disorders, the research found. The medications don’t have the safety and effectiveness data needed,

How contagious are kids with COVID? Short answer: We don’t know

Are children a major source of contagion for COVID-19? Ten months into a pandemic that has claimed 1.2 million lives experts are still divided on the question, even as governments must decide whether to keep classrooms open or shut. During the first wave of infection, scientific consensus formed around the concern that children might be

Don’t Believe the Myth: Face Masks Don’t Lower  Oxygen Levels

TUESDAY, Nov. 3, 2020 — Face masks: Yes, they may not be the most pleasant item to wear, but they are not depriving people of needed oxygen, a new study confirms. The findings should counter a common anti-mask myth — that donning a face mask is unhealthy. Claims that masks reduce oxygen supplies, cause carbon

Nikki Bella Is Struggling With Postpartum Body: 'I Don't Feel Sexy at All'

Nikki Bella’s new normal. The former professional wrestler has been “so frustrated” with her postpartum body since welcoming her son, Matteo, in July. Brittany Nassif and More Celeb Moms Show Postpartum Bodies Days After Birth “I don’t feel sexy at all,” the Total Bellas star, 36, exclusively told Us Weekly on Wednesday, November 11, while

Many Health Care Workers Who Have Coronavirus Don’t Have Symptoms: Study

TUESDAY, Sept. 22, 2020 — Four in 10 health care workers who test positive for COVID-19 don’t have symptoms, which means they could unknowingly spread the disease to co-workers and patients, researchers say. For the new study, the research team reviewed 97 studies that included more than 230,000 health care workers in 24 countries. Rates

Vitamin C Tablets Don't Protect You From the Coronavirus

Social media is land-mined with reports that taking vitamin C tablets may help you prevent COVID-19. Like claims that you can make $83,000 in one month sitting in front of your computer, the vitamin C stuff is falsified. In fact, there is no scientific evidence that any supplement—vitamin C, vitamin D, prebiotics, or probiotics—can help

Don’t wait to get concussion care; early treatment may mean faster recovery

Early clinical treatment may significantly reduce recovery time following a concussion, according to new research led by the University of Pittsburgh Sports Medicine Concussion Program. The results, published today in JAMA Neurology, suggest delays in seeking treatment can lead to unnecessarily longer recovery. “Our study emphasizes the importance of seeking appropriate, specialized care early on.

Heavy drinking and HIV don’t mix

Heavy alcohol consumption (three drinks or more/day for women and four drinks or more/day for men) is linked to alterations in immune function among people with HIV. While it has been known that alcohol impacts immune function, it’s been unclear the effect of alcohol on immune function in the context of HIV, a disease whose

You probably don’t need to worry about flesh-eating bacteria

Like humans, many bacteria like to spend time at the beach. The so-called flesh-eating bacteria, Vibrio vulnificus, don’t just like the beach; they need it, and rely on seasalt for survival. And as with human beachgoers, the warmer the water, the more of them there are. V. vulnificus is most commonly found in the warm

80% of women don’t know alcohol causes breast cancer

Four fifths of women do NOT know alcohol causes breast cancer – and NHS staff ‘are afraid of being patronising’ by warning them Researchers from the University of Southampton surveyed a total of 238 people They included women  at breast screening appointments and NHS staff In a group of women at a screening clinic only

Speechless: you don’t need to be a singer to lose your voice

Adele, Elton John, Justin Timberlake, Frank Sinatra, Celine Dion and countless others have something in common beside the fact they’ve made a few bucks making music. All have experienced vocal problems at one time or another due to the overuse of their voice. However, they are by far not the only ones suffering, according to

Don’t Panic: How parents can deal with internet hoaxes

The latest parental panic on social media—over a purported challenge for kids to complete harmful tasks—elevates the importance of establishing an open dialogue with children and taking advantage of online parental controls. Warnings about the “Momo challenge” swept Facebook and other social media in recent days, as parents worried about purported videos that encourage children